Neutral bundled

Anyone seen anything like this?

Not a good plan…termination was not made for multiple wires like that.

I see that occasionally (and I can’t help chuckling). You know it’s wrong Chad, and I assume you know you’re looking at a Zinsco panel as well. . .

Yes, I see a lot of them here. This panel is Sylvania/Zinsco. The later years before GE took over.

See lots of bundled neutrals but never like that one. The usual pic is about 4-5 jammed into one lug on the bus bar while there are about dozen empty lugs next to it. Around here is was passed by the local yokels and now its like pulling hens teeth to get them to change it or upgrade to the right way. New homes its not a problem as the many new electricians appear to be doing it properly but the older homes are amazing sometimes. Every conceivable shortcut is taken with pride.

Like I always say, “they’re all Zinsco once you pull their covers off” :wink: