GTE/Sylvania Electric panels

Hello Gentlemen,
Thought you might find this interesting. This is the third such panel I have run across in the past month. Here are a couple of pics of a GTE/Sylvania electric panel I looked at this morning. Its markings listed it as a ML12 (indoor) #1893, Iwas being used outdoors. The buss bar is fried almost in half. If that missing breaker was still in place, I would not have been able to see this problem. I never remove breakers so I was just lucky I guess. It had a missing breaker, panel insert, double tapping, and the was not properly attached to the wall (loose). Scary? Alright, I guess so, duh!. Then under the kitchen sink, an outlet was not secured in the wall and had no cover plate. The metal cover on the hand held sprayer was resting right on the outlet. Next stop for these folks is the emergency room or the morgue. When I find these I always recommend they be replaced because they will burn your house down!! Oh and don’t forget to notify everybody involved, this way the conditions have to be disclosed.
Thanks. Mike Hessley







These are just Zinsco’s with a different name. They were bought out by Sylvania and all they did was put their sticker on them. . .

Nice use of braided water lines.:smiley:

A Zinsco by any other name is still a Zinsco. :smiley: