Neutral line bypasses service panel

Good morning. Is there any good reason why the neutral line coming from the meter would bypass the service panel (pictured) and go directly to the distribution panel in the hallway?

No good reason, the main bonding jumper is missing. Also the double lugged conductors that are not protected due to their size.

Is that a Square D panel?.. … … … … … .

Is the GEC in the panel.?

Thank you.

Federal Pacific Electric

House built in 1970

No GEC in the service panel.

Likely landed inside the meter.

That’s right. The GEC connections at the meter.

Just checking you ha ha

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That looks like a disconnect means and not an OCPD. Is that actually a circuit breaker?

Federal Pacific Electric

FPE 2B150 Circuit Breaker

Thank you.

If the GEC is in the meter. That neutral is fine.

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In the NEC the neutral is required to have a means to disconnect it from the premise wiring in the service disconnect. This is almost always by the use of a terminal or bus bar.

230.75 Disconnection of Grounded Conductor. Where the service disconnecting means does not disconnect the grounded conductor from the premises wiring, other means shall be
provided for this purpose in the service equipment. A terminal or bus to which all grounded conductors can be attached by means of pressure connectors shall be permitted for this purpose. In a multisection switchboard or switchgear, disconnects for the grounded conductor shall be permitted to be in any section of the switchboard or switchgear, if the switchboard or switchgear section is marked to indicate a grounded conductor disconnect is located within.