Neutrals tapped

Does anybody out there know the code on 2 neutral wires tapped together in the main panel?

***NEC ***§ 110.14
(A) Terminals
Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of pressure connectors (including set-screw type), solder lugs, or splices to flexible leads. Connection by means of wire-binding screws or studs and nuts that have upturned lugs or the equivalent shall be permitted for 10 AWG or smaller conductors.
Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals used to connect aluminum shall be so identified.

The NEC 2005 section shown above is now 408.41.
In 2003 it was 408.21

Yes it is a code violation but if no code was in effect it may meet the manfactures specs. Squared use to, I have not check lately, allow two grounded conductors under one lug.

A violation maybe, is it a big deal in a residential application? I say no.

I prefer to see the grounded conductor and the egc under the same lug. It makes it safer to work on circuits.

BUT this is NOT allowed.

Personal preference is not the flavor of the day…:slight_smile: