Never use 1 exam prep

Make sure none of you use 1exam prep. Rob Estil formally from goldcoast is a piece of crap. He had me pay $100 and seven hours in his class and then told me that he was not approved for the course his innocent teacher taught me. He offered me a refund but told me to **** Off when I asked for the $250 the guy paid me to take the course to qualify his company. then he threatened me with physical violence. anyone who does not believe me feel free to call me to discuss 954-922-0584. STAY AWAY FOR 1EXAmPREP Rob Estil is a thief, bully and liar.

So you are declaring him to be a thief because he wasn’t willing to refund you 250% of what you paid. Is that correct?

This batch of threads looks like a really great opportunity for someone to learn what the wrong side of a libel suit looks like.

What are you prepping for?

“How to get paid cash upfront for wind mits”…:slight_smile:


What exam are you trying to pass? InterNACHI has ICC exam prep courses.

Have you been climbing palm trees with a machete again? This made no sense! :roll:

Mike, InterNACHI has free, online ICC Exam Prep courses. I couldn’t have got my G.C. license without them.

No to pay the $250 to the guy who paid 1/4 of my daily rate for me to take the class since it was a mistake his office made on the form that was why i had to take the class. Just trying to warn those who will listen the man sold me and gave me a class he was not accredited to give then lied about it and said I just came in and wanted 7 hours. Why would I do that when I did my GC ed all at once with one company. His own people even were quite aware of why I was there and his instructor sent me a cert of what I did and the State accepted it even though The guy was not accredited to do it. They looked at it like a time served deal. My record is spotless THE STATE said :slight_smile:

Oh. So you wanted him to pay an extra $250 to someone that has no direct involvement in the transaction. Someone he didn’t even know. And you declare him a thief for not paying you extra.

I seem to recall someone who misrepresented themselves to the public and was awarded a free membership as a result. Help me remember who that might be. And then there was this guy who was in dire straits and begging for help, was given charity by his colleagues and it turned out that his pressing need was to own an AR15, which he promptly purchased after receiving aid. Who was that guy?

There are over 16,000 INACHI members as recently reported. If every member donated just 1 nickel we could have our own Go Fund Him page for this poor individual. That should pay for this incident and some left over for his next! We could call it INACHI Nickels! :roll:

Some of the guy’s Google reviews are one star.
Out of line to threaten physical violence.

Upon arrival before I begin :slight_smile:

Yup because I said I would come in personally when I returned to town. He said that was threatening and he would love to Kick my A-s like he has done to many others. Ya right, I’m real afraid. I think by today my problem will be solved but then I have to tell all I can about him :slight_smile: BBB coming up next and the board that allows him to teach :slight_smile:

Awesome Idea. You and Chuck above should set it up.

Well… in the ‘business world’, it seems to me that YOU owe your partner a refund. YOU had the responsibility of ‘Due Diligence’ to vet the provider in advance of your enrollment.

I have had it taken care of 99% by people in the State that saw Rob Estill was a liar and sold me a course he was not accredited for. He is about to get sued for slander for saying I was Criminally disciplined. One question on an application to qualify was filled out incorrectly. Not quite criminal and now says I threatened his phone girl who was a sweetheart and liked me. He also threatened me with physical violence if I showed up to discuss it with him personally.