New article on cockroach inspection

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When is the new course coming out?

There is much information missing from the article but most are not aware of the insight I gained fighting them at multiple building locations over the years.
It is a good start however.
Boric acid is a good way to maintain the situation once under control but will not get rid of them on its own.
Pyrethin must be used first and all areas of the structure must be bombed before hand.If Boric acid is put down to soon the roaches will avoid it as it takes on the poison odor signaling them to avoid it.Wait a week.
Look for signs of roaches in cabinet hinge areas,drawers,and refrigeration gaskets as sellers will not clean those areas.
Appearance of residue will be like small black pepper sprinkles.
Each roach lays 200 eggs every two weeks and for every one you see there are a hundred more.

As usual, thanks for the tips Bob

Sorry if answer was strong but I moved into a few places that were infested when I was younger and had friends in extermination businesses.
I seem to recall the Boric Acid works by clinging to the roach bodies (static electricity) and clogging breathing tubes.
The key to laying it down is to puff it very lightly so they do not walk around it and be sure to get the base board areas.
Once you mop it is no good of course.
The dammed things are smart and if one tenant does not allow eradication in their unit the creatures come back even stronger after hiding out and mating.

Any plans for bedbug inspections too?