New Behind-the-Scenes Features for Education

Hi folks!

In our never-ending mission of keeping up with state requirements for licensed education, we have a new behind-the-scenes database for managing state/province education standards. This one has a lot more features than our old database had, and it’s the result of many long days of work from Ben, Lisa, and myself to comply with laws all over North America.

This system has:
- New state-specific certificates
- Automatic notification to state licensing boards
- Better tracking of new courses we’re trying to get approved
- A cleaner interface for downloading certificates
- New features for the real estate CE courses we’re offering in Florida, Missouri, and Colorado

As we get more and more courses approved in different places, this system will help us keep track of all the different ways that licensing boards need information from us!

Check out our educational courses at

Here are some screen shots:



That is awesome.

Thanks Tim, you guys really put out a good educational recource. :slight_smile:

Woohoo - go Tim!