New Bill to put and end to the Federal Reserve

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86% of crypto users, using “cyber money” vote in favor? What is going to happen when their mining operations or “wallets” are hacked. The grid is compromised and there is no access to your digital “money?” It’s going to happen and folks investing in this are going to cry “why?” Buy land, keep cash and gold for reserves.

Why would you ask Twitter Twits about the Fed? Being on Twitter doesn’t authenticate you as an economic wizard or even halfway knowledgeable. I bet most of them can’t balance a checkbook (the example being a simple ledger even if checks are becoming obsolete). Doesn’t sound like Massie is too bright himself.


You do understand that exactly the same thing can happen to banks?

That the only backstop is the feds?

Holding on to cash is a loser. It’s lost around 20% of it’s value in the last 4 years alone.

If you bought $20,000 worth of gold in 2011, it took until this year to break even dollar for dollar, but when you factor in inflation, you’re still down, way, way down.

Real estate is barely tracking to inflation in most markets. Some it’s up, some it’s down.

Even high yielding equities are barely tracking to inflation.

It’s all garbage and Washington is at fault, but hey, where else can you go in as a junior rep with a net worth of $400k and be at 4 million in 4 years on a salary of $174,000?


So what should one do with cash?

I guess that depends on how much wouldn’t it?

If you’re trying not to trigger confiscatory income rules, you’re stuck in the world of buying things face to face. A good diesel tractor, expensive drill mills, lathes that kind of thing. Tools that will always have value.

Desirable plots of land that haven’t ballooned up in value in the last 5 years are also great. The Earth isn’t making that much more land each year, so as long as it’s not sitting on a PCB dump in the middle of nowhere, it will at least hold to inflation. If Uncle Sam decides to default at some point in the future, those hard assets will retain the value.

If you just want to park it in the Wall Street Casino, TIPS or just the SP500. All subject to loss of course.

I’m not saying that having any gold, or any silver is bad. I think everyone should have some, it’s just a way to park value that doesn’t go to zero.

Imagine, the year is 1935, your grand pappy decided to save for a rainy day. They scrimped, saved, recycled everything, grew most of their own food and put 90% of his paycheck in a drawer. It was touch and go for a while, gramps lost near on 10lbs that year!
After a full year, Grandma and Grandpa looked at their horde of cash, put it in a mason Jar and thought “Some day, this will solve all our problems”. They buried the money in their back yard and promptly forgot about it.

You came along in 2024, planning on knocking down the old shack and building your survival bunker. As you break ground, the excavator operator sees a glint of light and gets out to investigate. He finds a broken jar with $423.90. You take it to the bank, they look at you funny, but agree to exchange the old dirty bills for new ones. You take the family out for dinner at a steak place and toast the old couple in remembrance. You still had to fish out your own cash for the tip, but hey, gramps got most of it.

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Everything every politician does is protect that gravy train. It is the reason for their existence. Sure, they may start out high-minded, but in the end, they sell out for power and money.