Camera, camera pole and tablet on bottom?

New to this whole thing. Been reading here about camera on pole for roof viewing. I’m wondering if someone might educate me related to precisely how this works with cell phone or tablet positioned at bottom of pole. I’m guessing the camera pairs with phone/tablet and then somehow you use phone/tablet to find the subject and actually take the picture (press some sort of screen button)? Thank you for any guidance.


Hi Brett,

My setup is a telescoping pole with a mount that screws into the pole on one end and has the threaded screw for the bottom of the camera on the other. My iPhone has an app that connects to my camera (fujifilm xp130). Once the two are paired I have a phone holder the grips to the bottom of the pole (originally intended to grip handle bars for bicycle), when the camera and phone are paired the iPhone screen shows the camera and has a button to take photos or video.

I use the 30’ fiberglass pole from

The app is called fujifilm cam remote.

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very cool. appreciate the specifics. : )

oh, and how in the world do you keep camera from wobbling all over the place???

When the pole is maxed out it definitely sways a bit, thankfully the camera doesn’t weight much so it’s manageable. Otherwise I lean the pole against the gutter (gently) and move in 4-6ft sections around the perimeter. A two story house the pole doesn’t move much. You can place the base of the pole into your hip or pelvis to stabilize too, but it’s not usually necessary. I also have an extruded aluminum pole (doca pole) that is 24’ it’s more rigid than the fiberglass but I never use it for fear of electrocution.

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patrick, i really appreciate you taking the time to explain the set-up. Helps me a lot. I’m in Texas and a lot of the roofs are 6/12 and greater and I’m not too keen on climbing around on something that steep. So you just make a circle around the house taking pictures then go home to investigate closely what you have?



You are most welcome.

Yes I take pictures of several aspects and different directions, I’ll zoom in on as many things as I need, flashings, penetrations, chimneys etc.

Then I’ll review the photos afterwards. The phone shows you a live view of what the camera is seeing so you can watch your screen and notice defects right then too.

If you want to get some roof selfies you can put your camera pole in a plumbing vent


Too cold to do a proper walk about. Camera Pole to the rescue


Nice pics Bert


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I wonder if anyone found a lightweight remote pivoting mechanism for pole-attached camera.

This is what I use, It’s small, lightweight and swivels/pivots

Ooops this one is not remote!

Jamie, thanks, I knew about that one :slight_smile: but as you mentioned, it’s not remote. That means you’d have to pivot entire pole to get the right angle or lower the cam and adjust the swivel on that adapter.

ha. very cool

OK you guys. I’ve got my canon sx540 paired with my phone. Feel like I just put on my big boy pants. Gonna get a pole next. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR IDEAS, GRACIOUSNESS with the ideas/help. Very much appreciated! Now give me a few minutes to think of my next set of questions : )

I use a waterproof fugi camera with remote Bluetooth. The camera has an app you download for remote access. The camera mounts on the pole, and the iPad mounts at the base. You see, zoom, and take pics from your iPad. I rarely use mine but it’s good to have just in case.

Do you climb most 2 story houses?

I do. I travel with a 28’ fiberglass ladder. I walk most shingle roofs unless it looks too steep. For older homes I check the condition of the under sheathing in the attic first before I walk the roof.

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I use a Canon SX750 HS it is not waterproof but excellent zoom, picture quality. Fast shutter speed so wind does not effect the quality of the picture. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy TAB S3, camera and tablet talk to each other via app. always reliable. The pole I purchased is from Eye-stick - They have a variety of holders for phones,cameras or tablets. I have been using this outfit since 2017 and very satisfied. The cost may be a little expensive but it has never let me down. Check it out.

Thanks for the link to wonderpole. I’ve been looking for a good fiberglass extension rod to replace the aluminum 24’ I’ve been using.

Not only are they great for roofs, but I’ve also used mine inside areas of attics and crawlspaces that were not physically accessible. Needed a light mounted to it as well but it worked to see areas and issues that would have otherwise gone undiscovered until it was a much bigger problem or potential liability.

For anyone looking to set one of these up, I recommend checking into RAM Mounts. They have mounts for everything. You can find them on Amazon as well as other places. They are the best mounts I have found, and I can trust my equipment is secure when using them.