This might help with your WM RTW pics

I ordered this thinking it may be helpful for taking those roof to wall shots on low slope roofs, and sure enough it helps out a lot! It holds your cell phone and has a blue tooth device to snap the shutter when you get the phone to where you can get a good pic. I just got it and tried it out so I’m not testifying to the durability. Also it ships from china (I hate that, but it helps so…) and takes several weeks to arrive.
It also has a mount on the handle so you could attach it to another extension if needed.
Here’s the link
Could come in handy in a lot of situations as well.
Hope this helps:cool:

Cool Dave! Been playing around with this myself

I’m trying out a GoPro. It can be controlled via a smartphone which becomes the viewfinder. You can see what the camera sees before you snap. Also, you can pull screenshots off the video. I’m still waiting for the next difficult to see RTW…The downside is no flash.

Mounting it to this guy - 18’ collapsible flagpole:

And what happens when your $600 phone falls off that flimsy holder? I just mount my $75 camera on a 16’ painter’s pole and press the 15 sec timer…plenty of time to frame the shot. I also have a WiFi camera and a 30’ pole for 2 - 3 story roofs.

Don’t try it then! Just trying to give an honest review of something I thought might help others out.

That however could be useful to many members:)

The holder is actually quite secure:D
I like your 3 story pole for roof inspections. I’m not trying to be mean to anyone… Just trying to help.

I just know that my attic camera takes quite a beating sometimes, which is why I would never use my phone in the attic or crawlspace. Just trying to help.

Phones dot get damaged if they have a Outter Box cover.

Thanks Samuel. I needed a few bucks to get to my $35 fee shipping plateau.

I agree with Brad. Not sending my phone out to the far reaches of any attic. I don’t even take my phone to an attic. Lost my camera once in blown insulation on the far side of a vaulted ceiling. I found it but was not any fun.

And! you should always have a back up camera just in case.


I have 3 cameras and extra batteries and will be getting an extension pole soon.
My 40$ Craigslist Nikon Coolpix is my favorite and I have a Samsung Wifi camera along with my $20 Ryobi just in case. All take adequate pics but the Samsung has a true zoom.

Walking roofs I will do up to a point but I think its silly to risk your life for a $300-$400 fee. I still do it but one slip and…:shock:

Boat hooks make good extension poles then do the paint brush holder trick. Plus you have a hook to move things :slight_smile:

How far does it extend?

About 4’ also has a mount on the handle to double extend.

I prefer the Fuji XP series, I am on my third but one died so only have only one back up and yes the latest version has wifi. I am still using XP 60 and stay in the series to utilize the same batteries (down to 4). I agree about never using a phone in the attic, roof or crawl. I typically take extra pics on my camera for those areas then all the room and easily accessible shots with my Galaxy 4 Active.

Happy inspecting!

Ok the other one worked with my old phone this one works with my new phone. Which is bigger and more heavy.

That’s a very nice picture.


My main camera has an 18x zoom so I can usually get a good photo unless the strap is turned so I can’t see the nails. One of my back up cameras has wifi so I put it on an extension pole and move it to where it can see the nails. I can then snap the photo using my phone as a view finder.