New CMI Jacket Style/Design Thoughts?

We are creating a new CMI jacket and would love input from the CMI community. What materials, features, or styles do you prefer in a jacket? Also, do you prefer the CMI text on the back, or would you prefer for the logo on the front-only?

There’s a limited number of CMI jackets still available in most sizes on Inspector Outlet. We plan to restock once the new design has been finalized.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 9.37.19 AM

[Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 9.37.32 AM

I still need to finish the approval/payment for that. Money’s pretty tight this year after taxes, but I’d say on the front only is best. With the back it just seems a little too ostentatious.


Use regular collar


I also like the regular collar. Also front only with the logo.


I’m also for a regular collar and logo on the front only.


I don’t know…I’m thinking maybe use a regular collar and logo on the front only.


I’m more in favor of a windbreaker style, but I agree with the others; a regular collar, no back logo and personally I don’t like the zippered pocket. Maybe two slash hand pockets.


While we’re on fashion, the hat (ball cap) might be better with just “CMI” rather than spelled out. Only one person ever asked me what it meant (might happen more often with initials only) and several mistook me for a ship Master.

I like the pop collar and the logo on the back and front, you can’t have too many pockets. :sunglasses:

We also want it pure leather.
Now you have a nice jacket.
With leather gloves to match :grin:
Flight jacket style.

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Thanks, all. Received quite a few messages/emails, and it seems front-logo-only is preferred. Also received requests for hooded jackets.

What’s a regular collar? Is that a collar that folds down, like in the OP?

A regular collar is one that doesn’t fold up (unless you’re Elvis). If I need something around my neck it will be either a scarf or a noose.

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Wouldn’t you like to have one of these in leather like a flight jacket or bomber jacket.

I agree with most of the comments about logo on front only and smaller collar. I like the idea of a windbreaker, too. I wear a windbreaker a lot.