New Concrete Foundation Damage at Corner

My question pertains to my recently poured concrete foundation. I’ve noticed that one corner has some damage (which the builder has flagged with spray paint). So, i know they plan on addressing it, but my question is could this be a structural issue, or even be prone to deteriorating or crumbling in the future? What is the best way to address this for longevity?

Is this type of damage common in poured concrete foundations? I do recall that the concrete was poured in the summer, during an especially hot and humid week.

Thanks all! Happy holidays!

The damage looks insignificant structurally.
And it’s not uncommon for a small piece to pop off the corner like that when removing formwork.


Damage is of no consequence…

I work with concrete all the time and that looks like someone could have simply hit it with something harder than the concrete causing it to “chip.” It still looks like 99% of the rest is intact so you shouldn’t worry.

I would not worry too much about this. Just a little “bruise” I see drunk people dancing in clubs all the time because I am a DJ and I have seen many holes and cracks in buildings