Concrete foundation issues?

Hey all!

I’m inspecting a church, built in the 60’s and I had a question for you about the concrete foundation. In a few spots, the exterior masonry has chipped/worn away, exposing the aggregate. Is this just a simple matter of applying a masonry patch to prevent further deterioration? The interior of this structure is covered in wood paneling, making it difficult for me to see the condition of the interior side of this foundation. I’ll try to attach a couple of photos for you to see.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


Hi to all,

Terry, the first picture you posted shows quite a serious problem, the corner is breaking up leaving what appears to be a good sized crack in the foundation and exposed rebar, the exposed rebar will expand as it rusts putting more pressure in that area, it will need specialized (read expensive) repairs and may need to be evaluated by an SE first. the second image shows fairly common surface spalling which may be indicative of moisture wicking up from the ground, repairs there should be simple.



Thanks, Gerry. I had wondered about that as well!