New Construction Inspections/Lending Institution Inspections

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Being new in the home inspection business (but well-experienced in structural, heavy civil inspections), I’ve chosen to provide inspection services in the subject areas. Are there any significant “pros” and/or “cons” that some of you could offer who have experience in these areas?? My plan is to provide quality assurance construction monitoring for the person(s) having a home built (but NOT managing the project or telling the contractor what to do), and providing lender verification of construction progress. Since anyone with a pickup truck and a dog can call himself a contractor in Colorado (no licensing program), I think the market (anyone who cares how their home is being built) is here. And I’m rapidly learning that the E & O premiums are going to be stiff.


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The dog is a requirement, though?

Sounds like a good idea, similar to the other discussions on other threads regarding new construction and "draw" inspections. Try those words inteh search feature at the top of the page here and I think you will find a wealth of opinions and information about this (maybe why people haven't been compelled to reply here.)

Good luck! And welcome to the ranks!