Foundation Slab

I just inspected a sun room that had just been built in North Ridgeville the slab was existing, they installed a concrete foundation (look at picture) but they built the sun room on the slab? Is it me! Or am I loosing it. has anyone seen this type of application. The client has water seeping in under the walls, and the slab is under grade. if you go through the effort of installing a footer wouldn’t you at least put a curb on it above grade and then build on the curb.

Thanks for taking a look
Dan Ricci





I think you forgot something…


I do not see a photo…but in Arizona I see what you’re talking about quite frequently.

Just an old slab someone decides to build a non-permitted addition on, which generally always leads to issues.

how to proof read??? oh sorry the pic…right, that too.

Pictures are posted would you like to give an opinion and not your bull crap! JAY

I still have the same opinion…:smiley:

I bet you won’t get any opinions now Dan…good luck to you.

First of all DAN, it’s not crap, there was not pics, and your grammar sucks. but anyway, it’s all in good fun, if you can’t handle getting a little ribbing, just let us know up front. and oh yeah, to solve that water issue, 1) flip the grade 2) install french drains 3) divert the downspouts to sides of house. NEXT;) :cool:

ummm… Jay, that’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. Yor gramer aint so gud eether.

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