New Construction

Hey Folks,
I ran into this in a new home the other day. How would you write this up?
Nelson Cook

Structure 1.jpg

Structure 1.jpg

Structure 2.jpg

pic 1 appears it could be acceptable pic 2 I know you need to bear on at least 1 1/2" of wood but this concerns me, ask to see the framing inspection approval.

I would recommend 3" angle iron bolted on each side of the beam
into the foundation in pic 2 to prevent twisting.
what is your concern in pic 1 ?


The second pic is of the same beam. There does not appear to be anything to keep the beam from twisting. This was my concern.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Suggestions for new construction.

It appears that the construction methods taken for main girder floor support post and end bearing dose not adequately meet todays standard of practice for its’ installation.
Would reccommend evaluation by a Licensed General Contractor to evaluate before closing.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Marcyl is correct, that would not fly in northern CA…

Vapour barrier not sealed to foundation.
No separation barrier between the wood post and the concrete pad.
Ensure that all light bulbs are in a protective covering or are on wig wags.
Those are just what I see other than those mentioned.

Another case of hurry up and get it done. Whose gonna see it anyway. If its new construction the builder should be responsible and have to fix it.

Nor in San Diego.