New Entrance Exam

I’m pleased to announce that we’re almost done our new entrance exam (of course one of many entrance requirements). Before we go live with the new system, I’d like to have you guys (and gals) take a look at it and make sure there aren’t any bugs I haven’t discovered.

Here’s the link to the BETA version of this exam:

This new system is based on the exam system we’re using for the online education modules, so it should be pretty stable. I have made a number of upgrades, though, so it’s possible that a few bugs leaked in in the process.

I’ll post more information about the system soon. Please reply to this thread if you come across any bugs.


I like the format!!!


It worked good for me. I like the style and format you’ve provided.

Some of the questions still suck but I understand that YOU are looking at the functionality, not the questions. I think it functioned great.

Note: This exam’s purpose is not merely educational and not merely for testing competence… it also has the duty of identifying those individuals who have NO business in the inspections business and weeding them out (prior to joining NACHI).

Toward that end, exam takers are not rewarded much (in terms of score) for answering easy questions (questions every practicing inspector should know the answer to) correctly, but are severly punished (in terms of score) for answering easy questions incorrectly (Yes, I will personally shoot the first idiot who complains that some of the questions were too easy :twisted: :wink: ). Easy questions exist intentionally to catch morons (who have no business in our inspection industry) at our front door and send them down the street to no-entrance-requirement diploma mill societies or Burger King.

Also, failing to answer 1/2 the questions correctly in any category causes the exam taker to flunk the ENTIRE exam, even if he/she scored perfect in all other categories. And even though the passing cut-off score is 80%, an exam taker could theoretically answer 95% of all questions correctly and still fail if he answered more than 1/2 incorrectly in any one category.

I have not even looked at it yet,but I know some of the questions are toooo easy.:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
Damn turrets. John were are my Chinese finger cuffs ?? :mrgreen:

Welcome to NACHI’s Online Inspector Examination

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Mauris vehicula velit non ligula eleifend aliquet. Cras nec orci quis neque mattis cursus. Donec blandit sodales lacus. Phasellus hendrerit. Fusce laoreet lacus id lorem. Fusce nulla est, vulputate nec, ornare nec, tristique eget, nunc. Nulla facilisi. Donec tincidunt auctor quam. Vivamus neque. Mauris pretium. Morbi dolor lectus, viverra ut, sodales non, cursus quis, lorem. Integer ac est. Quisque faucibus ante id ligula.

The language its written in might make the test difficult for many to pass

Guess you’re making a trip to Sucton pretty soon, Nick.

Or are you going to fly him up to Colorado???

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Lewis, Its a BETA version, remember!!

Oh–I haven’t had a chance to change that text from filler to final verbiage. Thanks for the reminder, though.


When you get ready to shoot some people…
can I watch? I love it when Nick gives people
a running start and then drops them with
his deer rifle at 300 yards…:cool:

Still not right!

It is asking RADON questions…if I am not a Radon inspector why do you ask me about proper or high Radon levels.

Also, there should be a pause and return later incase of emaergency as just happened to me.

Lastly, what happens when you loose your connection or the browser locks up…is it a start over?

I just just fired though the questions very quickly just to see if worked OK, which it did. I do agree with Harvey about the Radon and termite questions I do not do them so why ask about them.

Chris, is this sentence correct?

“You will have minutes to complete all questions, and must achieve an or higher to pass.”

How about this part of a sentence on the home page?

“than answering less critical question incorrectly.”

On the start page:

You will have to obtain"a 80" or higher to pass?

NACHI’s Online Inspector Examination is not called NACHI’s Online Home Inspector Examination for good reason. Radon and termites are a part of the inspection industry and being knowledgeable about the issues enought to converse intelligently about them with your client is important, even if you don’t offer testing/inspection services for those specific issues.

Thanks for the typo catchin’ fellas! :smiley:

If you need to leave the exam, you’re going to have to start over. That’s just how a timed exam is. If you lose your connection or your browser crashes, it’ll continue where you left off when you return.

The intro text is going to be re-worked. But I will look into why it’s not inserting the correct numbers in there (it pulls the passing grade and time limit from the database so that if we ever have to change that stuff, the text changes with it).

Good, for a minute there I thought I was gonna have to learn Latin!

Okay, That is nice!
Especially when you get a breakdown at the end of scoring in subjects