New Equipment

I got broad sided in my truck last week Wednesday. While I was at the hospital getting checked out the police had my truck towed to the body shop I go to. When I got there 6 hours later my tool bag was missing. Now I am in the market for some new equipment. I would like some advice.
I am looking to buy the following item.
Moisture Meter
Infrared thermometer
CO detector
Combustible gas leak detector
I would like to know what you guys and gals recommend I buy since mine were kind of old and there is better tools out there.
By the way I am fine. Just a few bumps and lumps.
Truck is not. This gives me a chance to buy the van I wanted.

Sorry to hear the bad news. Hope the lawsuit pays off. :wink:

Moisture meter, I really do like my Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus. One flaw, it has rubber pads, so sliding back and forth over a floor/wall isn’t easy like other meters. However, I feel the selectable scale and deeper penetration makes for a solid win.

Professional Equipment had the cheapest prices when I ordered mine.