New ESOP Committee Formed!

I think the key words in Nathan’s post are “independent committee”.

In other words, it’s like someone announcing they are forming an independent committee
on any subject. It’s like the breeze that just went by.

Is it true Troy Papas never had an original thought? :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon, we’re joking of course.


Some times many a true word is said in jest .

Thought so… :mrgreen:

Careful… I could envision Rusty eying the CMI Chair… Just kidding. :wink:

Its funny seeing grown men cry and pout. Easy to see who wears their feelings on their cuff. I thought the old tuffies had thick skin. :wink:

Lol… Now that was a good one. It’s even funnier now

I said this was a joke, and then when you posted that Funny picture well that confirmed it…LOL


This is about those of us that did not show up for the party (myself included ).

I would say if you want to “*****”, you need to show up to the party.

Nick… nice hat! :wink:

Seeing how some can not control their feeling.
Next April first they might be better to not turn on their computer .

Is that a threat? :shock:

“The joke excuse” is usually a lie, or an attempt to duck responsibility for an insult. Interesting to view the divide in the membership when it comes to stuff like this though. I have to say, I see both sides of the coin here but wondering aloud why it has to come to this. Human nature perhaps. Sigh.

Lmao…having a great time in Vegas…

What a hoot…toss the grenade and watch the fun begin…

So damn funny and predictable…thanks guys! We will be laughing at dinner about this.

Too funny how nuts they are going.

Yeah, don’t kid yourself a flag was raised, and as usual you’ve been had. :stuck_out_tongue:

You fooled no one, but laugh it up boys… what goes around comes around… enjoy your dinner!

LOL, yes your group is quite enjoyable the same as the old Barrel Of Monkeys. I said in my 1st post this was a joke, then when Nick posted the Funny picture it added to the enjoyment by giving a visual too add to the fun.

You are correct again, this is too damn funny and oh so predictable. I also think most were laughing at dinner about this and actually during desert as well…at least I know I was.:stuck_out_tongue: