New ESOP Committee Formed!

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What a joke.

Review THIS!

Now, that is some funny ****… Lmaopmp. :lol:


Why is Nick not announcing this?

Nick who? :-k



Let me be the first… F.O.A.D.!!!

Great info I wish you well… Roy

Haven’t heard this announcement from Nick yet.

Don’t know what “independent” means, other than to say if it is outside of the fold, it’s opinion does not count.

Perhaps Nathan’s panties are in a know because I would not take action against another member who he regularly fights with. That very e-mail exchange has been posted on this message board for all to see. Perhaps Nathan’s goals are to use the COE to punish or remove his detractors. Cant say.

The last “independent” committee was called something like the members action committee, and they were all wet.

That would be my first guess.

Joe I would think a person who is or was chair of the ESOP would know better then to attack on the open forum .
It might be a better idea to communicate with NICK to get more information first. .

It’s a joke in my opinion. What sucks is that it was started in the public section, so it is yet another publicly viewed thread that makes this organization and its members look like idiots. This type of publicity can and will Harm All members.


Russell Hensel, Nathan, Nick, Troy Pappas:


This is the first I’ve heard of any of this, and since Nick and I speak regularly (like last Friday), this comes as a bit of a surprise. This is especially true as Nick announced only last week that some things are left up to me to handle.

The announcement was made publicly by Mr. Thornberry, which is fine if it is true. What I have stated regarding past incident is also absolutely true, as I posted an e-mail exchange between the parties, after one was unhappy after I described the participants’ actions as attempted mutual destruction.

I expect you have NICK`S cell phone to simple to call and get the info from the boss himself .
If you need his phone let us know and we will send it to you … Thanks … Roy

Looks like NICK has made a post him self above .

Who’s the kid in the green shirt?



? I really don’t know who the kid is.

That’s the Mighty P. Nathan T. :roll:

What He Said



Great choices, one and all.