A certification that means something

Now that I can beat this dead horse again i’m gonna…
Wilth the recent ASHI bashing it brings up the same topic i and so many others have asked previously.

When will NACHI actually have some type of real requirements for earning a tiered certification or logo staus???

The logos created, including the newest folly that has been tossed around are nothing more than a marketing tool for us inspectors, and seem to hold little respect withing the ranks of fellow members.

I am sure i speak for many when I ask you Nick, why don’t you either create or change somthing that gives the member a way to truly earn different levels of certification… Personal accomplishment means somthing to many, and there is none here that seems to hold true repect with all memebers.

Membership is one thing, but striving to earn a true level of certification is another.
I have thought about joining ASHI for 2 reasons.

  1. They are recognized by the majority of the real estate communities and others who publicly promote inspectors.

  2. They at least have some type of tier system in place to give the inspector somthing to work towards.

Now even though i can join with just my credit card, at least they offer somthing to work towards. I don’t personally like the way they do it, but it is the one thing that many agents here recognize, at least in this area. Weather they understand it completely or not, many people do not choose ashi because of soft report and inspector, but becasue they think the certification truly means somthing.

Anything I can do to gain business is worth me doing, and that includes joining a orginization that holds some type of clout with others.

I personally love what you offer here… I thinks its the best hands down for us as inspectors to benefit ourselves in education, but if you really want to hurt your competitor then eliminate the one main reason that I think many still join for…

People join the other orginizations because they offer a tier system, and its recognized by the people we try to gain business from. There is no enforceable system here…

I know I speak for many. Russell has been wanting the CMI to actually mean somthing more than a marketing brand. If you give us somthing to work towards, then I think the entire inspection community will respond and then you may just get your wish…

Don’t change what you have, just give us somthing else to advance ourselves.

Here in Springfield Il. ASHI is king because of branding through the years. Out of 600 Realtor members, no one knows about INACHI or if they do they don’t recognize it as an organization on the level with ASHI. If your not a ASHI member, your not even considered for an inspection. I joined INACHI because of the invaluable information available to me as a home inspector. The information is second to none. The Realtors don’t have a clue what information is available at INACHI. Stan

You guys don’t get it. You’re not the first to rehash this very old topic.

Your membership is not a “credential”. It is access to a valuable resource by which, if you take full advantage of all that is made available, will increase your value as an inspector and the volume of your business.

If you qualify and are in need of a credential, become a CMI. If you want a certification from another third party to validate yourself, take the course, the test and the field exam and get BPI certification.

But no association or society to which you pay dues for membership can be considered a “credential”. ASHI fools people into thinking otherwise and we condemn them for it. Why should NACHI engage in the same misrepresentation?

Your right Jim they do fool people. The fact remains that this is what people believe. The damage is done.

I don’t want to mimic it, I want somthing that promotes my personal accomplishments. Doing it yourself is great for YOU but many will agree, having actual proof far exceeds ones personal gains for education.

If NACHI would come up with some type of actual process that would not evaluate you on number of inspections or years, but actual knowledge pertaining to your job, then that would be far better than a meaninless logo.

Tell everyone here exactly why people think ASHI members are better in Springfield…

Why do agents think ashi is better???


Propose that NACHI recognize anything…such as being a professional full time inspector, for instance…and the members who are “have nots” will get their panties in a terrific wad. Many are under the delusion that their membership somehow makes them “equal” to other members and that the association has the duty to disguise their status as newbies, part timers, etc.

But that is not what NACHI represents. NACHI is not a credential…but it is a resource that provides everyone equal access to the tools we need to be successful. That’s all that it is.

I realize this Jim.
I am not trying to change the system, but provide more then just what we have.

People think ASHI is better because they have fooled people into believing that their certified inspectors are better. Correct?

The only reson I would give them my money is to benefit from this very thing. If NACHI had somthing that would truly qualifiy you, then I would never even consider joining any other associations.

It does not have to be mandatory just another option. I think there are many out their that want this.

The have nots would have every ability to prove they are just as qualified, and some of the have’s may not be able to pass the test. That may get some panties in a bunch.

I don’t think being full time qualifies you for anything. I could be retired from another job, do one inspection a week, in an unlicensed state, without any prior knowledge or training, and consider myself a Full Time Professional Inspector. :wink:

And…I can buy a flashlight and join NACHI or ASHI…and insist that everyone call me a “certified home inspector”, too.:wink:

NACHI membership is no more of a credential…and certainly no less of one…than membership in ASHI, the PTA, or AARP.

“I am a genuine card carrying member of the National Rifle Association” does not indicate that one can hit a target from 50 feet.

Nick expresses, in his typical fashion, the advantages of NACHI membership over ASHI. What he says is true…and what he condemns ASHI for is not its similarities…but it’s insistence that membership in it somehow assures the public of some kind of quality inspection over others. No club membership can do that.

You just bought a new infrared camera. Your next step should be to get NACHI Infrared Certified. Pay the $500 watch the show and you will have a new certification and logo for your website. That’s advancement!!:p;)

All of your examples are a perfect reason of why we should have the availability of getting an actual, proctored, real certification…

It should be an option if you want it, and it would seperate those who have proven themselves…

Don’t you want your logo to mean more than a marketing gimmic Jim??

Who is denying you the opportunity to advance as an inspector and to accumulate many meaningful credentials/certifications?

Paid membership in a society or association is simply not one of those things.

Too much weight is placed on certifications/organizations. If you do a good job and market yourself well, “It Doesn’t Matter” what organiztion/certs you have. You can’t fool people for long with this or that logo. Success comes to those who work hard and do a good job for their clients. My 2 cents


Your off track now. It’s not about my personal accomplishments as much as it is about providing our members with somthing better… I am not the only one. Many have voiced this very thing.

It about actually creating a real certification process for all people… As far as I know there is not one anywhere. ANYWHERE…

Why not??
My post was about creating somthing that would draw people away from the other organizations to here… The only reason myself, along with many others i’m sure, would even consider ashi is because they have some kind of actual regulations on advancement.

If Nick wants to get rid of this organization so badly then why not raise the bar to attract those seeking this option…

Nick, I would like your opinion please…

Really who needs any association? I reside in a state which licenses home inspectors, there will never be a “certificate” which will nullify the power the state holds over my profession, everything else is like pissing in a dark suit, get over it already.

I live in a licensed states as well.

I am not part of NACHI to gain some sort of legitimacy.

I am here to learn with everyone else and help when I can.

NACHI is a fabulous resource.

Licensing never seems to accomplish it’s stated goals.

It is not pro consumer and protects no one.

It does create a bunch of newly manufactured inspectors and income for providers of inspections courses. :wink:

INACHI creats more new “Certified” Inspectors than all other orgs combined. :wink:

(in the past I was an AWS member and also a Certified Inspector from that “Society”.) :wink:

                                         "Logo's Solve Everything"

I don’t see you listed on the AWS websiteWere you a full time member??

in the past, means, formerly, Linas. ahhahahahahahahahh