What does INACHI "Certification" mean??

Are you a “Certified” Home Inspector?? Or are you something else?? :smiley: http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm

Something else:Certified Master Inspector

Many here are certifiable and that should count for something…:smiley:

Something else… :smiley:

Nick…chime in here…

All that NACHI actually “certifies” is one’s membership in NACHI.

Become a certified inspector! Join InterNACHI today. http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm

From the link you posted…

So what is your understanding Jeffrey??

That I am a Certifed Member of InterNachi, who happens to be a Home Inspector.

Mine as well. :smiley:

Although I also hold other Certs as well… :wink:

Yes… and same definition for IAC2.

Jim is correct. InterNACHI certification is a certification showing that you joined InterNACHI.

Certified Professional Inspector](http://www.nachi.org/cpi.htm) (CPI) is nice because it is an actual professional designation registered on the Principal Register. It shows you are a member in good standing.

The 40 or so courses certifications show you completed a particular course and passed the final exam.

Then there are 3 IAC2 certifications for radon, mold, or both.

And Infrared Certified](http://www.infraredcertified.com/) which is another professional designation.

And finally Certified Master Inspector](http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org) which is a Registered Federal Certification Mark and the inspection industry’s highest professional designation.

So all the INACHI Certs, are really code for “Membership”?

Professional Designation?? How do you figure that??

That’s what it is, a professional designation for professionals in the inspection business.

And as a “Professional Designation” it designates Membership only?? :slight_smile:

No. A member in good standing which means the member is keeping up with their membership requirements.

Just like “REALTOR” is a particular professional designation issued to the roughly 50% of all real estate agents who are members in good standing at the National Association of REALTORs (another private professional trade association similar to InterNACHI).

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS and not all inspectors are CPIs.

Non National Association of REALTORs members may not use the “REALTOR” professional designation.
Non InterNACHI members may not use the “Certified Professional Inspector” professional designation.

Well as I am a “Certified Home Inspector” I am not too worried about the purposely vague CPI designation… But I am sure it is working as intended…

Almost every home inspector calls him/herself a certified home inspector.