Using the word CERTIFIED may be misused by some, but InterNACHI members earn the right to use the entitlement of CERTIFIED , by continued education and support from fellow members of our association. So when you hear the word CERTIFIED from an InterNACHI member… THEY EARNED IT !

I agree, somewhat, James, but I’ll add that Certified is really in the eye of the beholder. :wink:

One Exam and first year requirements does not not make one qualified to do any Inspection however I do like the logo.
So to have this Logo requires responsibility for those that truly want to be Professional and avail themselves of all that InterNachi has to offer in education for free within as short a period of time as they possibly can.

In some states government licensing programs dictate who can and cannot use the term ‘certified’, check with your state.


James… do a search of this MB… and somewhere you will find where Nick has explained this a few times…

“InterNACHI Certified” simply means that you are a “Certified Member of InterNACHI”. Nothing more, nothing less. InterNACHI “Certifies” nothing.

Wrong. I never said anything of the sort.

Anyway, we certify inspectors at InterNACHI.


I won’t play your spin games.

I won’t spend the time to use the useless search feature to prove my above opinion.

Okay… but I will post this link so others can decide for themselves… http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/we-certified-inspectors-55890/

We don’t certify inspections. We certify inspectors.

I really can’t think of how to make it clearer.

Jeffrey, thank you for finding that thread from 2010. I refer you to the question asked in post #11 and my answer in post #12 of the thread you referenced.


You used to maintain we have certified members.

Perhaps this changed around the time we were forced to change the association name.

Read the thread Jeffery referenced. My position has never changed. We certify inspectors, not inspections.

You never said we have certified members?

Yes, we have certified members. Because we certified them. We certify a lot of things including inspectors.

Nick, you’ve said this many times. InterNACHI Certifies “US” as “Certified Members” of InterNachi.

Not as “Certified Inspectors”.

Do a MB search this can be found, if still there.

I never said that. Not once. Never. InterNACHI certified inspectors.

How can you find something that I’ve never said? Impossible. If it was possible, you’d have posted a reference. The only reference posted (by Jeffery) has me saying the opposite of what you claim. Again, InterNACHI certifies Inspectors.

Nope. I never said that.

Where do you guys get this stuff from?

From you, Nick

Otherwise, why would anyone have remembered or even cared.

It came from you, long ago.