New FREE logo designed for Davidson Inspection Services

A wordmark logo focuses on the style and spacing of the letters within the company name to create a memorable brand without additional imagery. With a wordmark logo, you sidestep any of the issues that come with an image distracting from your company name. Since your company name is the information that people can use to search for your services online, the company name is the most important part of any logo. This is why many large companies like Fedex, Milwaukee, Netflix, and Visa use wordmark logos. One of the biggest mistakes common in logo design has to do with unnecessary, overly complicated imagery distracting from the company name. This approach is particularly useful if you have a name that doesn’t lend itself to simple imagery. If an image isn’t helping people to remember your name, it might be unnecessary.

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Nice work, Levi.


Nice one!..


Clean and simple. Nice


According to reports on Facebook and this forum, and my own experiences, Davidson has been trying to get inspections all over the country. But everyone thought he was a scammer! Guess he decided to just start his own inspection company!