Less Is More: The Strength of Word Mark Logos

A word mark is a style of logo where the design relies on the character of a font to portray the brand’s identity rather than imagery. Sometimes there are accents, but mostly the design is built around the the styling of the text. A word mark logo is a good approach if your company name does not refer to a specific image.

In both of these instances I am not distracted by an image. The goal of a logo is not to show people what you do, especially if your logo reads “Home/Property Inspections”. The reason for using any image in a logo should be to reinforce the specific company name. For example, if your company name is Twin Fox Home Inspections, foxes make sense. If your company name is Nelson Home Inspections, or XYZ Property Inspections the style of the word can be enough. This style of logo is also versatile because it holds up to scaling well. I can read both of these logos when they are small.

The upside of a word mark logo is that nobody is going to miss the most important thing in your logo, your name. Nobody can hire you if they see a big picture and miss your name. All good logos prioritize the legibility of the company name. A word mark simply skips over the image part. It’s a less is more approach. Some good examples of word mark logos are Visa, FedEx, Google, and HBO.

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Nice explanation of one important thing in a logo, Levi! :+1:


Great explanation, Levi!

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“I can read both of these logos when they are small”.
Levi, what is the name of the second company?


Hypothetically, XYZ Property Inspections…