New FREE logo designed for All In Home Inspections

A common criticism that I hear of word mark logos is that they are too boring because people assume lots of complexity in a logo is what makes the design better, or makes the design “pop”. However, it is really easy for complexity in a logo to cause unforeseen problems down the road. A simple word mark logo can avoid the pitfalls of other designs because it focuses on the most important part of a logo, your company name. If I can read your name in your logo, when I see it in passing I can go search your company online later. If I can’t read your company name in your logo design, I will probably be hiring someone else. A simple word mark can also be more versatile and require less changes to get it to work in a variety of different formats. Less headaches working on design problems for you = more time inspecting homes. Keeping your logo simple can save you time in the long run.

This inspector communicated that he is a veteran without using too many elaborate images that overpowered his company name.

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Nice home inspector logo.

Very nice logo!
LOVE that “ALL” name :cowboy_hat_face:

So you removed the non-offensive images I posted.
Sorry if I did something you obviously did not like…

Hi Marc, I still see your images, so I don’t think that anything has been removed. Do you have a logo? I can’t tell because you posted 3 unrelated images with the same company name. Ideally, for branding you should have one logo on all of your marketing so that people know they are contacting the same person. It’s always suspicious when you have multiple designs of your logo because it starts to look like you don’t want people to know that you are the same company. If you have the same logo and same colors on all of your marketing and your website you are communicating to clients that you want to be recognized and that you want credit for all of the work that you have done in the area. The top logo and the bottom logo have some pretty serious design flaws so I would go with your middle one if you have to pick one. I don’t mind it, the palm tree is pretty over-used in lots of regions, but it does fit with your actual company name here, so it works better than most folks who slap a palm tree next to a last name or a random acronym.

Here is how I would fix your current design. Pick an alignment and stick with it, often centering text has a tendency to make the logo look off-kilter and less stable. The most important thing about your logo is that people can read your company name, so I played down the tree graphic to make the name more clear. I also created a palm tree graphic that only uses a single color. The more colors that your logo uses, the more difficult it is to convert it into a single color graphic.This is the kind of thing that doesn’t seem like a problem until it is a problem. I also picked a font for “Home Inspections” that holds up a bit better to scaling. A really condensed, bold font tends to be difficult to read when the logo is scaled down, so I went with something less condensed and a bit less heavy. It keeps the “Home Inspection” part of your name more clear. I also used all caps to keep all of the lines in the logo more even and clean. While upper and lower-case letters work fine for larger fonts, they create gaps and inconsistencies when scaled down. I added an image with lines to clarify what I meant about alignment. Hopefully all of that is helpful. Thanks for your comment!


Less than 24 hrs the images were gone…?..
Thank you for your thoughtful response!
They are a history of logos thru the past 22 years.
I use the middle one lately although the top one is still on the website.
When 1st starting out I wanted “Tropic” because of the South Florida scene.
My wife was in advertising & she said how about “All Tropic”.
I asked what the hell does that mean.
She said who cares? It’s an “A” for the Yellow Pages.

Yes, way before internet stuff & the only responsive way was the phone book. You were listed alphabetically.
OK fine! I just dated myself. :astonished:


No problem Marc, any time. That’s what we are around for. Now the multiple images make more sense. I remember the phone book days. My parents used to have an out-dated rotary phone in the kitchen. I can’t imagine trying to text someone with a rotary phone… single word responses only.

That is way I like 1st Pro Inspection …Numerals come first before alphabet.

I still have a rotary “Princess Phone” somewhere stuffed in storage.
Here’s a logo back in the days where I made most of my IRA savings.
Termites were very, very good to me! ha ha
Notice the phone number was before three number prefix.
Oh geez I feel old again but that’s AOK!