New FREE logo designed for Play It Safe Inspections

Sometimes the best route for a logo is a word mark. A word mark logo uses only the style of the font and colors to represent the company, no images. When the name of a company does not easily lend itself to an obvious straightforward image, a word mark design can be a good solution. In this logo, the style of the font and the colors convey the concept without using an image. The rounded, soft feel of the font is friendly while the green shift reinforces the word “Safe” like a green light. The upside of this approach is that nobody will miss this company name trying to figure out an image. In a logo, the most important part of your design is the clarity of your company name. If I cannot read your name in your logo, I can’t hire you. One of the quickest ways to get into trouble with a logo is by having an overly complicated image that distracts from, rather than reinforcing your company name. Always make sure that the image that you are using makes sense with the primary part of your company name (in this case “Play it Safe”) if the image isn’t reinforcing those words, it might just be preventing people from reading your name quickly and easily. This is also why the name of a company can make or break a logo, when starting a company, be intentional about thinking through the name.

I wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, so why try to set up a design all on your own without professional support?

For more info on logos go here: Marketing for Inspectors: Questions to Help Think Through a Good Logo - InterNACHI® and here: Redesigning Bad Home Inspection Logos

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Nice logo.

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Interesting concept. I take it browsers use words for correlating searches, where as images require tagging and context cohesion.
Thank you for the explanation, Levi.
Lovely Logo. Love to see how it tracts on browsers.
“You’re The Best!”

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Great logo and thoughtful explanation, Levi!

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Thanks, Ian!

That is a nice typographic solution. It’s playful and whimsical, hopefully a reflection of the personality of the inspector and/or the company’s general approach to relating to their clients. It works very well in color and in black and white, which is important. The “internachi certified” line adds an interesting element and movement. I can imagine a variation where that line treatment were different so as not to loose it when the logo is reduced in size, such as when it appears on a business card.

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