New FREE logo designed for Last Check Home Inspection

The reason that this logo works is that the green check has a clear and obvious relationship to the company name “Last Check”. A logo only exists to get people to remember your specific company name. It’s not a tiny picture to show people every service that you provide. A logo can be well-designed and still be indistinguishable from every other reality, construction company, house painter, and home inspector in the tri-state area. The reason that you design a logo in the first place is to set you apart from other companies providing similar services. This logo would be much weaker if I simply changed the name to BDN Home Inspections. When you are in the process of naming your company think of names that would make for good images and your marketing will work better for you. Another recent good example of this is here: New FREE logo designed for Twin Fox Inspections

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Nice logo with the flashlight, Levi…Last Check.

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I love it.

That’s a great logo.

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Very nice logo

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