The Yellow Dog Inspections logo & why it works

The benefit of working with a designer to create your custom logo is that you can make decisions for your unique logo design that reflects your own sensibilities, while conveying information to your would-be clients.

This inspector wanted his logo to invoke the style of old porcelain signs, so we created a design that is unique to his company but still references the look of those vintage signs. It makes for a unique and recognizable logo.

The goal of a logo is not to have a copy of the logo that every other inspection company has, just so people will recognize that you, too, are a home inspector. A logo is not a tiny picture that shows people what you do. If you have the same design as every other realtor, home inspection company, and construction company in the tri-state area, your logo is not working for you; it’s working to make you blend in with a sea of similar designs.

There is a company down the street from me called Merry Fox Realty. Oddly enough, their logo is not a big triangle (mimicking the shape of a roof) over Merry Fox. It’s a fox. I remember the logo because the name of the company is directly tied to the image. I do not remember the three or four various houses-over-text graphics that I see on other signs all over town because the image and the text have nothing to do with one another.

Let us help you create a unique logo for your inspection business. It’s the anchor to all of your marketing. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so let us help you make a memorable one that will help your business succeed.

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free with every custom print order. Place your custom print order here:

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