New Free, Online Course "Introduction to Home Inspections Course"

We are excited to announce a new free, online course titled, “Introduction to Home Inspections Course.” It is worth 25 InterNACHI® CE Credit Hours.

The goal of this course is to teach the student (a) the Home Inspection Standards of Practice, (b) how to perform a home inspection, (c) how a home works, (d) how to find defects that may exist in a house, (e) how to fix those defects, (f) how to maintain a home, and (g) how to save home energy.

A shorter version of this course has been written and revised for real estate agent Continuing Education credits.

introduction to home inspections course

InterNACHI’s free, online Introduction to Home Inspections Course


Ben, this would be that “Perfect Course” for those inspector’s who need the 24 Credit Hours each and every year to comply with the InterNACHI education requirements. I’m good with mine but look forward to taking this course. Maybe it will teach this Old Dog something New.

Thanks and as always the Gromicko’s and the InterNACHI staff Rock.

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You’re correct, @maltizer. It’s also written for real estate agents.

We’ll be submitting this course for real estate CE approvals, so that agents learn about what we do.

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Thanks for the information. Sometimes we don’t know about specific courses

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Well written course. I hope that the future real estate agents taking this course, don’t think that this automatically makes them a Home Inspector.
Ben @bgromicko1 I enjoyed our brief talk last week. I hope you know that I read every word. I had fun with it and with very little sleep and rushing around, I earned a score of 97. If I would’ve had a few more hours of sleep and not rushed around, I would’ve not missed that 1 question and I would’ve scored a 100%. Thank you all for everything that you do for us members and for everything that InterNACHI is helping me to accomplish now. I love you guys and gals.

Wat to go, Michael!

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