New guy interested in an inspection career

Hello folks, first off just wanted to say thanks for having this forum and sharing information. I have learned a lot just from reading the threads here. I’ve been in my current career for 15 years and I’m looking to transition into something else in about 5 years from now. Real estate in general has been an interest of mine and specifically the area of home inspection seems like something I would enjoy being a part of. The combination of field work and desk works seems like a good balance.

I don’t want to drone on too much so I’ll keep it short. Basically just wanted to introduce myself and I’ll post some questions as they arise. I’m located just north of the Tampa Bay area.

Thanks again,

Welcome to our forum, Brett. Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks, glad to be here.

I do have one question. It appears there are 20 pre licensing classes available online that get you the 120 hours required to take the exam. Do those take approximately 120 hours to complete or is it significantly longer than that? I ask because when you click on a 4 hour couse it breaks down the lesson and it totals up to 40 hours for some on them.

Brett, it depends. The time to complete the courses is broken down into review of the course material, preparation, the maximum time allowed for the quizzes/exams, the writing assignment etc.Typically, in my experience,the time to complete the course is considerable less.
Taking the courses is like eating peanuts, the more you take,the more you want to take!
Best of luck!


Thank you, guess I need to turn into an elephant and start eating some peanuts.

I think I’m ready to pull the trigger and sign up. It’s between the AHIT or InterNACHI online courses. Leaning heavily towards the InterNACHI training. Any input before I go ahead and start paying?

Brett, there is no comparison between the two. I have taken both.

InterNACHI is by far the best at teaching and learning to be a quality home inspector. :smile:

I hope you choose the best.

Brett, as Larry said, there is no comparison. Join up, we will be happy to help you and welcome you aboard!

Sounds good. That’s the impression I got but I feel better hearing it from you guys.

Brett, I went the AHIT route only because I didn’t know about the InterNACHI course at the time. AHIT is good. I learned a lot. But I wish I’d gone the NACHI way. Would have saved me money. Another benefit of InterNACHI membership.

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I like their payment options as well. I do better with monthly budgets than annual ones.

Well, went ahead and took the 1st step and joined InterNACHI. I’m pretty cautious about any big changes so for me it’s a big deal. Hoping this puts me on the right path towards being a small business owner.

Time to start studying. Looks like the first lesson in on roofs. Here goes nothing! Wish me luck.

Welcome aboard Brett!

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Thanks Junior, glad to be here.

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Passed my first roofing quiz. First step in a marathon.

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Push on! :slight_smile:

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And a good thing about these courses is that, afterward, you can review them in whole or just sections any time.


With that attitude, you’ll do just fine, Brett. :smile:

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Unfortunately I was Told your program is not accepted by Texas. I will have to sign up with AHIT. Can I still use the program as extra education ? Would I still He considered certified if I finish all the material? Won’t hurt to have both on my website down the road :)… is there a Texas program ??

Kevin, I don’t think what you were told (Having to take AHIT) is correct, but I could be wrong. I don’t know about Texas.

You can the best answers by emailing your questions, about whether InterNACHI education is accepted in Texas or not, to .

I believe you can use your education as part of InterNACHI’s yearly education requirements as a member.

And, welcome to our forum…enjoy! :smile: