New FREE Real Estate Networking Site helps inspectors find clients online.

We at InterNACHI are always striving to find ways to help our members succeed in today’s market. When we learned about this “no fee” online marketplace for the real estate industry, we wanted to let you know about RealtyJoin so you can establish your profiles and build your network online before your competitors learn of this new resource. Join today at the link below:
[FONT=Times New Roman]Investors who are members of RealtyJoin can find Home inspectors buy searching the site. What we like about this site especially is:
·There are thousands of potential clients (investors) on this site, and all will need yours services.
·There is no fee to be a member
·There is no other site or online community dedicated to real estate that brings vendors and clients together

It takes just 5 minutes to join, and you can join today at

Sign up now, it is free:

Thanks Ron

Thanks for all your help 's primary focus is investors and individuals or companys to support investors. At Huffman Inspections we have a number of investors that we do regular work with but would like to find new investors to add to our client base. This appears to be an excellent match and the price for membership has no sting; $0.00.

Ron, are you affilited with RealtyJoin?
I signed up, received confirmation, but cannot log-on. Sent email to listed webmaster, no response.

I’ve had a little trouble also. Trying to accept Friends Requests with no luck, and trying to crop pictures. Somewhat difficult.

Started out with registering at realtyjoin. Tried to sign in and it says the account is not active. Sent a message to NACHI who in turn sent a message to realtyjoin. Realtyjoin wrote back to me saying to try again. Tried again, no luck. Tried to re-register, but said my user name and email was already used. Of course! Tried to reset my password. Got an email from Realtyjoin with my new password that it generated for me. Tried to log in with new password and still says account is not active.

I give. Don’t have time for this.

Exactly what happened with me, with the exception I didn’t email Nachi, I emailed the webmaster (still no response).

Not off to a very good start.

Try the link now:

All went smooth for me…The only problem I have is…I’ve been on it now for ten minutes and not one referral…

I also cannot log in because I’m inactive, What the?

Update… over a week later…

Still cannot log-in.
Still have no response from anyone at RealtyJoin. Cannot find any contact info other than webmaster. No support or help email addresses, returned undeliverable.
I can see my basic profile on the site. Cannot access it. Cannot log-in.
I receive invites to connect. Cannot accept. Cannot log-in.
Have reset password. Cannot log-in.

Waste of my valuable time ??? YES!


I signed up, received confirmation, but cannot log-on. Sent email to listed webmaster, no response

Ohio Residential Inspections, LLC

I am the webmaster at RealtyJoin. I receive all forms from the website and emails directly to me. I can definitely help get each and every one of you into the website easily. Please email me directly at

Jeff, your username - **jonasjff - is active and you should be able to log in.

Julie - jahmed - same thing.

Pasquale, christopher - both should be good to go, let me know if you still cant get in.

Eric - not sure what you mean about friending people and cropping images, send me a separate email and I will connect with you directly.

Mitch Levinson

Not for Canadian Inspectors, No province’s listed


Tried my original password… same message.
Tried to reset password again… same message.

Another email sent.

Okay… Mitch has me up and running. Thanks Mitch! :wink:

Sorry to hear some of us have had problems registering. My registration went smoothly; however, had a minor challenge with avatar & cropping but I got it solved. I find that each time I go to a new site I have a learning curve to work through.

I have been in contact with RealtyJoin about our concerns and they have responded by giving us direct access to their web master, Mitch Levinson, as noted in previous post. Hopefully, this will help you to resolve your challenges quickly.

RealtyJoin has some new features that will be coming on line in the next month or so that will help us focus on our individual markets; more information to follow.

Post a reply or email me if you have specific questions or concerns;


RealtyJoin is not in Canada yet but they have plans to be there.