New French Certified Master Inspector® logo.

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I like it. Great work InterNACHI.

Thanks Gilles;)!

Marcel??? We have a new marketing director? Nick no longer in-charge of the family?

We all know it’s rare for lightening to strike in the same place twice. But by placing an Un-Grounded lighting rod on the same place might not be a wise decision me thinks, Marcel.:wink:

Come to think of it I seem to remember some marketing being toyed with sometime back and was shelved? Maybe the logo needs some polish, Nick.
Don’t get me wrong, as I stated in my first post, I like the idea of it!
But maybe…Hmm. Now that I look at it from this angle…hmmm. Quite put my finger on it…hmmmm.
Waite…I think I am seeing something wrong with the color. Hmm. Maybe the texture needs some refinement. Pixelation, distortion, blurry when magnified even just a bit. Hmmm.

Maybe some time back under the eyes of the GREAT artiest that created the CMI master-piece. Nothings too good for the CMI. Take as longgggg as you want Nick. Right Marcel?:wink:

What are you babbling about now…:roll:
Gilles translated that logo years ago, as a matter of fact, he translated the whole CMI website which is still not updated…

You just answered your own question and my observation about lightning strikes.:wink:

How’s it working out if G. deserves the accolades?

Marcel, I side with you on this issue.
As well, I understand G. has done great things to advance InterNACHI in Quebec.
Darn, I thought the CMI site translated was great!

You must admit, what a great looking translated logo. Bloody genius the way this mans mind works.

Lets see what we can do by helping one another next year.
We’er all in this together you know.
Lets ask Nick the right way if he can kick start the translated CMI website again. I am certain it well have great success in Quebec and abroad.

Remember, Nick steers the ship.
We have no right to question his actions. Who knows. Could have been a political thing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Marcel.

Not if he uses the same translator that did your website :roll:.

Ha ha ha!

Looks the translated CMI is not ready yet.
Too bad.

I am sure the site will be up and running in no time.
By the way. Ever think of trademark owner-ship and were it belongs?
Always something to consider, considering you are an inconsiderate subordinate.

Maybe one day you will come to realize you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
Best Marcel.

The French CMI website was translated years ago (about the time the Exam was translated by Alysse Janet and me). Haven’t seen it since…

Merry Christmas to all InterNACHI people.


I remember the site online for several months.
Marc was involved as well from what I recall, although I could be mistaken.

Thought it was great.
Hope it comes back online. Be a good thing for InterNACHI Quebec as well as North America.

I will email fast reply or the individual that helped trademark the CMI in Canada.
I will get back to you both on the outcome as soon as I hear something.

Marcel, new WordPress website to come online in the new year. Translated by a real person who’s first and/or last name is not Google.

Look at it this way. For the moment, I am not going to shut my business down or get fines offering translations to/of a langue I do not write nor speak fluently.

On occasions I am refereed a mostly french speaking client, or my website. Maybe 15 a year. They want me because of ‘how I inspect’ and what I report. If not, I refereed them to NACHI member’s like Marcel.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, Gilles.