new ground bar kit

I added new ground bar kit to metal of 100amp main panel I was going to attach #6 copper wire from it to the neutral bar for bonding. Is this alright?
What is the proper way to add ground bar kit?
Also, I’ve added a sub panel, can the ground and neutral wires from the sub panel attach to new ground bar kit in the Main panel since it will be bonded to the neutral bar in the main or should neutral wire from sub panel attach to Neutral bar of Main panel and ground wire from sub panel attach to main panels new ground bar kit.

No offense meant, but you shouldn’t be asking these questions, you should be hiring an electrician. Stay out of the electrical panel. I know homeowners do stuff in there all the time, but you are asking for trouble (and possibly an early death.)

No offense meant either, but I can show you some real mistakes and messes that the professional electricians have made in my electrical connections and other home owners in my area that I’ve seen. **
**That’s why I’m asking this question! Maybe I should hire the Electrician that put these hook ups in for me in the Past (attachment image) check out the job he did for me…
Looks bad to me !!!
As long as the meter is pulled by a reliable, in my area Penalec meter puller,
the power is cut to the Main so as long as I do what is right by your or a professionals explanation I should be alright. If I can rely on a correct answer.
Hope no one takes offense. Also just trying to do what’s best for me.

We aren’t offended, Mike.

It doesn’t just boil down to a correct answer but also a correct understanding of the answer provided.

You would be doing the best and safest thing to hire a qualified electrician.

The best to you.

Sorry again, but I’m not asking for too much. What is the proper way to add ground bar kit?
There has to be a correct answer and if a correct understanding of the answer is needed. Please supply.
I read through the post, questions are asked and opinions or answers are given. Maybe I will hire an **a qualified electrician that doesn’t mean I can’t know why and how he’s installing a ground bar kit and how connections are made from the sub panel to the inside of the Main Panel… **I want to know what he is doing, not rely on him and an inspector
who as you can see, if you took the time, passed the terrible work of the image I attached years ago…
Again just looking out for myself. If all else fails- I’ll be reading some Books on the subject. Thank you.

With what I can see, it looks like you could use a complete system upgrade, Mike.

The ground bar kit I purchased for a sub panel I installed in my house included instructions. :wink:

last post: so you got instructions with your purchase but you couldn’t convey them to me.
Still no answer for how to** install a new ground bar kit** !! I will be finding the
answer in a book.
Thought I finally found a site that might help educate me a little bit. Anybody can tell some one to hire a professional whether it’s an Electrician, Carpenter, Bricklayer etc.
They do write books like “Wiring a House” by Rex Cauldwell, Electrical wiring Residential by Ray C. Mullin etc. not just for Do it yourself but for education and understanding. I will go to them for help.
Thanks anyway.

You sure picked an interesting site to ask your question on. What do you expect? While I’m sure there are some who could answer your question directly here, this isn’t really a DIY site. You might have been better served by asking the question on an electrician site or a DIY site, and not a home inspector site. You got the exact answer from a group of home inspectors that I’d hope you would get… “get an electrician!”

Here’s the deal. We as inspectors see crap everyday that DIYers have tried, and taken shortcuts with. We call it out, and then the DIYer gets to call a qualified electrician anyway to fix the garbage he installed. The picture you posted is from an older service, looks like crap now, but when it was installed could have been done to the standards of the time. We don’t know. We can’t always tell from a single picture. What we do know, is that inside an electrical panel, a home owner is asking to get themselves killed. And if they are lucky enough to get in and out alive, we know that there are many seemingly inocent things that you could do, that would put your home at risk. We really are giving you the best advice available. Sorry you don’t like it, and it isn’t what you wanted to hear. That’s the nature of what we do. Usually the advice we give isn’t something a home owner wants to hear, because it is going to cost them $ to fix it right.

FYI- Not the best forum to ask that question on…just so you know…

I was gonna answer for ya…but for fear of being assasinated I refrained…lol

You will be best served going that route first. Its obvious that you lack a thorough enough understanding of the task you are undertaking. Worse yet, you display no respect for the dire consequences your lack of understanding could cause. Electrical panels are not a subject I am foolish enough to dispense DIY advice on.


Without seeing in person the set-up you have, inspectors here could put themselves in a position of liability if they relied on your observations and either you or they were wrong. Say you get electrocuted or there is a flash and you are blinded… Can we rely on you, your spouse, your children, your mother or other relatives to not place blame on someone that was just trying to help? Our insurance sure wouldn’t cover this potentially fatal error.

But on to my main point. Why would you throw good money after bad? Why waste money on a new sub-panel, ground bar kit or anything else on this mess? Why not protect yourself and your family and have a new panel correctly installed? The “save a penny” mentality can only go so far. What exactly is the price on watching your home go up in flames (maybe with the family or pets inside) due to an old electrical system being piecemealed together to meet newer service requirements? It ain’t worth the savings.

With the downturn in the building markets, there may very well be licensed electricians that can do a new installation for a reasonable price. In my area, an upgrade from 100amp to 200 amp service with a new panel and everything would be around $2k. Your prices may vary. Good luck with your project.