New inspector here

Hello fellow inspectors-internachi members!!!
My name is Jason and I’m a new certified, Florida licensed home inspector. Really excited to get started! Have gotten a lot of great info from this forum just reading questions & comments. Thanks to all. Look forward to commenting along with you guys & gals :+1:
Happy Inspecting :grin:

Welcome Jason!

Welcome. I’m a new guy here too. I’m a few steps behind you, but located in Florida as well. Would love to chat about which training program you chose.

Welcome Brett!

Hello Jason,

Congratulations on achieving something that I have dreamt about since I was a small boy. I want to ask, how does it feel to be a complete bada**? LOL. Ill be there soon, some day.

Thank you,

Welcome to our forum, Jason and Brett. Enjoy! :smile:

Welcome Jason and Brett

Welcome Jason and Brett. Happy to have you two aboard.

Hey Brett, 1st I took AHIT’s 120 hour online course to get certified. 2nd, studied the NHIE prep course book. Then took the exam & passed to get licensed for the state. Passed background check & fingerprints. Sent all documentation to DPBR. Took about a year with working a full time job in meantime.

Haha. Thanks Zack!!!

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Thanks Larry!

Welcome Jason and Brett. Jump in anytime with questions!

I’ve beem trying to decide between AHIT and the InterNACHI 120 hour couses. Was there something specific that made you choose AHIT?

Thanks Joseph!

Honestly, I guess I chose AHIT because i didn’t know of internachi at the time. If I would’ve, maybe chose differently. So, I would say chose one that best works for YOU.

Thanks Robert!

Thanks Scott!

1st question, anyone hiring in Florida? End of march time frame. Have 20 parallel inspections I’ve done already using InspectIt. I have Wind mitigation, 4 point & commercial certifications. Along with home inspection. Working on FAA part 107 for my mavic pro 2.

Thanks Junior!

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There ya go!..consult together and get your businesses going!

Best of luck and work guys! :smile:

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