New Guy Introduction

Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum, but excited to be here. I work in the renovation industry in Chicago, though not as a building inspector (not yet, anyway! Can’t rule anything out). This seems like a place with some really knowledgeable users so I’m interested to see what I can learn and participate however I can!


Welcome, Bob.

Lots to read Bob. The real learning starts now.


welcome to the jungle Bob…we got fun and games…

Yeah… and you’re definately on a “roll” tonight! :wink:

Bob from Chicago… Gonna have to call him lil Bob

Welcome Bob

Or call the other (condo) Bob…Bill. :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome bob

Welcome Bob.

It’s almost here:this Thursday’s home inspector holiday party!
The Chicago chapter of InterNACHIinvites you toit’s annual Holiday party, FREE food, door prizes, and chapter memberships will be given away. If you are not a chapter member come and see what the chapter is all about.
Part of next years agenda will be presented.* Our chapter offers inexpensive approved Illinois CE classes and CE testing for approved online classes.**
When 12/20/2012
the party starts at 6:30
Best Western
4400 Frontage rd
Hillside, IL

Hope we see you there,
Rich Mangold
Chicagoland InterNACHI Membership Chairman

Feel free to come as my guest Bob.

Welcome aboard, Bob.

Thanks everyone. Very nice to be here!

This guy is out to make sales not to help our industry .

Please note many areas ventless Gas fire places are not approved .


Hi everyone,
I am new in this forum.My name is Jayden.Hope you all are fine.I recently complete my graduation in commerce and now working as a manager in a small industry.Hope have a nice time in this forum.