As of 11/23/2021 What is needed for the Home Inspection Application

OK, (deep breathe)

I am currently in the process of getting my license since the recent legislation change on (06/01/2021)

Here is the 8 page application w/ $250 Fee

Here is the information on what a Peer Review entails.

Here Is the Step by step FAQ’s regarding the new legislation.

and Here are my thoughts after talking to 2 local guys who have been in the industry over 10 years and decided to retire rather than go through this ridiculous application process.

I am stubborn and I am determined to contribute to keeping contractors, realtors, and other home inspectors accountably for good service. I come from a construction background and 60% of my business was fixing other “professional work”. Columbus is filled with house flippers that are cutting corners, neglecting safety, and taking advantage of the public. I will do what I can to contribute to my community. I know it feels like this new legislation is rigged against independent inspectors, and maybe it is, but that just gets a hotter fire burning in me to stick it to the man.

I have my NHIE (exam) schedule for the end of this month… I’ve paid the fee for that too ($225).

Please check in as often as you would like for updates on the process and what i have learned along the way.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me thus far and for the continued support to come.

Let’s go get em’ boys.


Hayden, it would be more informational to more inspectors if you kept us appraised of your progress via this thread.

Many of us are so busy that there is no way for US to keep track of YOUR progress by remembering this thread.

Please keep us informed as you move along in your journey via this thread.

The very best to you.



Like Larry, said, post your progress here. I would love to hear how you overcome the hurdles placed in front of you. By the sounds of your post, you have the motivation to succeed!


Don’t get discouraged Hayden and stick with it and keep us posted. Unfortunately Ohio has a ridiculous process that actually discourages people trying to get a license. That is what happens when you let the Division of Real Estate control the HI licensing, but that’s a rant for another day!


So, any updates Hayden? I just filed my paperwork on Wednesday and heading to get my fingerprints done today. It’s a frustrating process, but I’m excited to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, my next hurdle is getting my Part 107 course and test done for Commercial Drone Pilot. I’ve spent the last 6 months, paying particular attention to the homes I’ve been repairing and over 75% of them have roofs that are too steep to walk, and because of terrain issues, even trying to move a ladder around is going to be asking for trouble.

Any updates?

Any questions?

After spending a lot of money prepping and taking the classes and tests, my application was denied for undisclosed reasons I called and fought them as much as possible… but had to get a job to feed the family. So it’s on hold until I can save the money do do everything over again.

Sorry to hear that Hayden.

I would try to figure out why it was denied to give yourself a point of focus to work on.


The department of real estate will not deny you without cause and without giving a reason. As Kevin said, you need focus on why you were denied.

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The truth is, I studied and passed all my internachi courses. paid the money to take the Ohio exam, and 70% of the questions on the test were not a part of my 86 internachi credit hours. I was really angry and felt scammed and when I called the department of real estate and professional licensing they told me they were 6 month out from approving licenses anyway due to understaffing and when I called internachi to ask about why the material was so different, they told me that they do that on purpose with independent programs… so they knew and didn’t say anything… but now I’m out of funds and time and it is what it is.

I was just trying to give a less complaining answer.

C’est la vie. Such is life.

Don’t give up, if it is really what you want to do, Hayden…

What Ohio exam? Are you talking about the NHIE exam? That is a “national” test. Some questions on the NHIE do not apply to Ohio inspections because it is a national test. Regardless you need to know the material. I recommend purchasing the NHIE study guides or you can PM me and I will send you a study guide.
The NHIE has a high failure rate for first time takers, so don’t give up. Internachi has no idea what is on the test as it constantly changes. When and if you take it again the questions will be different.
As Larry said, if you truly want to be a Home Inspector don’t give up.
You didn’t think it was going to be easy did you? :smiley:

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Hi Hayden,
When you say Ohio Exam I’m thinking you mean the National Home Inspector Exam.?

I know it cost more money and takes more time, but there are study guides you can buy specifically for the NHIE.

I wish you the best and feel free to ask any questions.

national home inspector exam study guide - Google Search


I got licensed in the state of Ohio back in March, and I agree, it is the dumbest process. However, for our state, that is how it works. I used the NHIE study material, compucram, and internachi. I failed it 4 times before passing the NHIE. I would spend about 4 hours a day studying for it. It covers a lot of building terms, and fireplace terminology. Also, remember, there are usually 2 right answers, and you have to choose the most right answer. Which is ridiculous, but again, unfortunately that’s how it works in Ohio. If you have any questions I would love to help more if I can since I am fairly newly licensed.