New Head Shot Yea/Nae

Keep it or get rid of it? See attached? I have it on my site. What do you think? Go back to the black and white pic I had or keep this one. Yes I’m getting old. lol.

You look a little tough.

Is the PIC in post #1 a photoshoped version of the original in post #2?

LOL…yeah that’s it.

I thought you posted a picture of Condo Bob. Those cheesy, half filled out goatees aren’t flattering. They just show indecision. Either grow it out or shave. But take the picture when it’s full or gone. :wink:

You look like you’ve been up all night again.

Billy, get rid of the Nick Nolte look

If I had a dog that ugly I would shave his Butt and make him walk backwards:p

Looks like you glued Black Beauty under your eye. Sort of lends to a kind of mugshot after a night in Montreal look.

Thinking about you Stephen.

NO good, you need a haircut and shave!!:cool:

Oh, and button that shirt!!

As my dear old mammy would say…. “Sit up straight! Comb your hair! Shave, And button that shirt!”:p;-)

Go back to the old B&W.

^ this.

Pull up your damn pants Bill!

Keep the old one.