What do you look like!

What do you look like?

Let’s see your mugs, and we can plan on having a parade someday with the electrician’s and home inspector’s battling about those silly two wires under one lug.

Do you wear a hat or Fedora?

Avatars are much to small.


You failed to post your other pic, so I’ll do it for ya…

No need to post my ugly mug, you and I have already met.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/63/ObamaBarack.jpg/160px-ObamaBarack.jpg Don’t I look like someone you know?

At work in the classroom

Are you related to Robert (Chicago Condo Bob) Elliot ??

No, why did you ask? Do we lok alike?

Yes, the facial characteristics are similar.

You have seen Linas’s picture havent you Joe?
He is the one in his avatar , sitting next to the old Greek in the blue jacket.

Joe, Are you related to Tommy Tedesco the guitar player?

No, I wish I could paly the guitar like him though. I was in a singing group many years ago.

I’m not so sure I want to join in any parade, but here you go anyhow.

Here is me editing a book for Mike Holt. Don’t mind the messed up hair and exhuasted look, this was when I was trying to get the code change book done in time.

Ryan, how way the Maiden/Manson concert? :mrgreen:

I didn’t go to it. That was actually a poster that a friend of mine took from a Dublin nightclub when he was in Ireland and he brought it home for me, knowing that I am a metalhead. :slight_smile:

Cool! Definitely a keepsake.

Well up here Blue hats are worn by Construction safety inspectors.
You come on the job site here and you will get a lot of respect real quick .
Yes Sir You can be sure every one knows you are on the job site in about 90 seconds.
After they find out you are not Well you are on your own now buddy.


Roy Cooke is a NACHI Guy!

Joe, now you are beginning to creep me out. Are you a stalker? Why are you so obsessed?

No, just having fun finding out who you are!

Why is this so important to you? You are seriously getting weird.

Might be Kingston. Might be Poughkeepsie as well. Or even Rosendale.

Why do you ask?