New home construction phase inspections

It depends on what the client wants, usually they are visiting the site often and don’t want pictures.

I use a voice recorder on site and just type up the list later.


I was a county building inspector for 10 years, before retiring and doing private inspections. We did the inspections in the following order.

  1. Site preparation
  2. If a slab house was being built, we would do a slab plumbing, and check set backs on property lines, unless a blue line survey is issued.
  3. Slab or footing preps.
  4. Framing and all trade inspections.
  5. Insulation and energy code compliance.
  6. Finial inspection when all is completed, including landscaping.
    Hope this will help.

More and more of the builders areound here will not allow (contracturally) ant inspections until just before closing. Even then, I get grief (insurance grief. “Our insurer will not allow you on site without a special rider where you name us as the insured if you get hurt on our work site.” I respond, “Does your insurance cover the buyer? They have been visiting the site since the footing pour.”

The other day, I was doing an warranty inspection on a 3.2 Mil house in a yet to be completed development. When I came out to the truck to get a tool, there was a tow truck, hooking my truck. When asked, the tow truck guy said, “this is priate property. I was told to tow you.” I asked, “To where?” He canned up.

I called the local police and when they came I told them that I was doing a private inspection for the home owner and I was there at their invitation. The cop (G-d bless him) told the tow truck guy to release me.

Have gotten 2 warranty inspections in this development. $500 a piece.

Large developer. Many houses.

Hope this keeps up.

I have a photocopy of my E&O insurance certificate and my NACHI membership certificate plus the NHIE certificate in a “Draft” in Outlook that I routinely forward to builders and this usually satisfies them. I have - on one occasion - had them listed as a certificate holder (I am not sure of the exact technical insurance jargon) as I have had done for the City of Philadelphia, Borough of Yeadon, and several other jurisdictions.

It is no skin off my nose, doesn’t cost me anything and it makes my clients lives easier - plus I get access at all phases of construction.

Most builders here like to get the checklist style punchlist I provide (with client’s permission of course!) Clients get a Word document with listed defects, explanations, photos, and a citation of the appropraite section of the NAHB “Residential Construction Performance Guidelines” where possible (especially for Warranty Isnpections). This usually cuts short any conversations where the builder wants to avoid responsibility to repair/correct an item.

Code items are cited as per the IRC where possible (with appropriate disclaimers written by my lawyer).

Fees are $400 for 3 phase new construction inspection (covers all 3 phases plus a few intermediate vists I make when in the area). Warranty Inspection is $179.

Just for comparisions sake…

punch list with pics

We have just released a software specifically designed to conduct phased new construction inspections…Marcel Cyr cited the CSI method, which our software is based on…read below and visit the links to learn more about the new software.

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Some of the features that are included to benefit you are:

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  2.              Built-in manual checklists for every element of new construction – learn the steps to inspect every element!
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  4.              Hundreds of built-in code, standards and trade references
  5.              Over 8200 check list items, over 2400 new construction defects and over 3500 built-in comments
  6.              Multiple print options to suit you needs
  7.              Complete flexibility to edit, add or adjust comments and conditions
  8.              Complete flexibility to add, edit and alter photos on the fly
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Residential Construction Performance Guildlines, by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), is a useful resource. PS Document with pictures.

Michael Rowan gave a presentation this weekend on his new construction software. It is the best program I have ever seen for new construction. It has 65 pages of guidelines and checklists that will guide you through each phase of the inspection. It will be a great resource for anyone who has been putting off performing new construction inspections.

Yeah, Greg. We already got that infomercial on about 3 different threads now.

$500 to beta test their software…what a bargain!

Think what you want Joe.

I have no financial stake in any product sold by Inspection Depot. I just wanted to share my experience on what I feel is a very good product. A product that could help some of our members who feel that they are not quite ready to jump into this market.

I wasn’t implying you had any financial relationship to the software.

I was referring to the fact that they have posted it in about every forum on the BB.

The product might be outstanding. Still, beta tests are usually offered for free to a few particiapants while the bugs are worked out (even if for a limited trial time). Subsequent versions are tehn typically sold.

$1500 for software seems excessive. $500 to do their homework for them seems laughable.

I think those who want help with getting started with new construction inspections may better served taking a course in new constuction for far less than $1500 and using Word to produce a report that they can feel confident they understand - not just cribbing off of software.

I had the opportunity to view this software this weekend at the FABI Seminar and it is everything it is claimed to be, as a matter of fact I begged Mike Rowan not to sell it and take it off the market because it will allow people who have no experience in new home construction the ability to produce expert code-based reports.

If the average home inspection software is priced at about 5-times the average cost for a home inspection ($1,000) then I would expect New Construction software to sell for about $4,800 to $6,000, since a full 4-phase New Construction home inspection sells for between $1,200 & $1,500, it is an absolute give away at $500. Whats more… Its like putting a loaded 45 in the hands of a child. Just another opinion. :smiley:

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Definitely there is a checklist that is undergone by every developer or construction company who builds these houses or great skyscrapers. The checklist ensures architectural design, the material used, the venilation system, the sewerage system, the electricity supply system, the water supply system and a whole lot more things.

It is their responsibility to provide their clients with satisfying results. I know about all these things because I bought a home by fortress real development and I was ensured by their service that my home will be fine and moreover they also gave warranty for providing free service in case if anything requires my attention.

ICC is an other area to get reference materials.

I was told that in Texas you have to be ICC Code Certified to do Phase inspections. Is that not true?