Phase Inspections for County Approval

I have been asked by a builder to do three phase inspections for 11 new builds coming up. Pre pour, Pre Drywall, and Final. This is in an un incorporated area and just needs county approval to move on from each phase. The basic form is just an approved passed or not passed. What do you think I should be charging for this?

Best be up on your code knowledge. Or, pass it along to a more knowledgable code inspector and follow along to learn, if need be.

Charge enough to make money.

Thank you. I’m pretty confident in my code knowledge. I have been doing phase inspections privately. Just can’t get any advice from anyone that has done inspections with a builder outside the city limits with pricing, etc.

I charged my going rate for in my area and added for travel time from when I left my home to when I returned to my home.

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As a deputy grading inspector I charge hourly from when I step out my front door to when I step back in it with a four hour minimum plus travel. You can guesstimate your time or just charge hourly. Figure out your hourly rate with typical inspections and reporting and price accordingly.


OK, Thank you all. I am getting the feeling that it is pretty much on par with what you charge in a third party situation.

Shane, it is hard to put a hourly price on it because prices vary so much. For instance I live in a tourist destination and houses are higher priced and sell fast. Where-as, somewhere else the price is lower. You’ll get to know what the prices are soon enough. Good inspecting!