New Houston Inspector

Hey everyone,

My name is Adam Dunin and I’m a new inspector in Houston. I passed my test last Thursday and ready to step into the Inspection Industry. I’m debating on what steps I should take next. I’m considering starting off on my own and working/networking through my realtor friends to build a client/referral base.

On the other hand I’ve also contemplated working with an established Inspection Firm/Inspector and really learning the business. You can only learn so much from a book and Inspecting as a theory but nothing compares to real world experience.

So I’d like to hear from inspectors who started solo and those who started with another company. What are your experiences? What would you guys do different. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Adam A. Dunin

When I decided to do inspections I’m sure I had no experience & a lot to learn but I went for it & I’m still standing.
I did have many years of successful business & company management so it was easier for me.
I say go for it good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Marc. :slight_smile: