New inspector lookin to get started

Hello everyone,

My name is Marshall. I’m a new inspector here in the Houston Tx area. I am looking for anyone on the forum that may be able to point me in the right direction. I decided against working for myself and finding a good company to work for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I am professionally licensed and have my own software and insurance.


Welcome Marshall!
I see you got your license just a little after me. I am the post right below this one. I would like to say that you might get more action by posting in a different section. I also posted my introduction in the General section & have received 1 response but more views.
I wish you much success!

The few ads I have seen from companies hiring inspectors are interested in talking to people with at least a few years of experience. I do wish you luck, but you may not have any choice but to go it on your own for a while.

Get involved in your local chapter, go to the meetings, get to know the other guys, make contacts, network, spread the word IN PERSON!

Marshall, PM replied to.
The above is great advice. I am out everyday, meeting people, agencies, agents etc. I try At least 10 open houses both Saturday and Sunday. At 4 each morning I tweek my website some more, send emails, work on my sales pitch, map out places to go. Daycare, execute plan, daycare & family time. After the kiddo goes to bed, wife time. After she goes to bed, I continue my education via books & INACH & work with my report software, company procedures, policy, agreements etc.
Get organized, find the gas pedal & stand on it until you have accomplished your goal!

There are several multi-inspector firms in the Houston area, including Fox, and Bryan & Bryan. You will need to do your own vetting and may have to give up your own practice.

I just saw this. RedFish Inspections is also there :slight_smile: