This month's TREC Advisor. Inspector Advisor near bottom of document.

God how I hate to read these things. It always reminds me of how the fox is guarding the hen house here in Texas. One only has to refer to the TREC enforcement matters to see who the crooks are. On another note - Hurray! TREC now operates independently (cough, cough). Meanwhile, all the license fees have bee raised. FML :smiley: Typical Government in action, the housing market sucks, let’s tax the snot out of people trying to make a living off it in a depressed economy.

Inspectors are always on the bottom. :eek:

John did you notice who wrote it?

John O or John C? I did not notice who wrote it. Educate me.

Interesting that the basic premise of the fire rated garage door question is wrong, but that was not addressed in the response. Their failure to address it in the reply will cause greater confusion among inspectors rather than clarity

Nowhere in the SOP does it state that anything about 1-3/4 inch door. The requirement is for 1-3/8. Now we will have inspectors calling out doors as deficient because they are not 1-3/4 inches thick.

Great typo catch. Alas the problems of a semi prescriptive SoP. I notified the right people to fix this. Should be corrected soon. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion Chuck. Another great benefit to having this board.

TREC fixed it. Thanks

**Q: ** The Standards of Practice require inspectors to report as deficient the lack of a 1-3/8” solid wood or fire-rated door between a house and garage. How should an inspector positively identify fire-rated doors when the markings are covered by paint? **A: ** Information regarding fire ratings of doors is often obscured by paint. In that case, inspectors are required to do their best to determine whether the door is fire-rated and to report accordingly. In some instances, the inspector will only be able to report that he or she was not able to determine whether the door was fire-rated or that the door appeared to be (or did not appear to be) fire-rated.