New Inspection Article: "What Makes You So Special?"

New inspection business article: “What Makes You So Special?”

Because I’m Thumbody :slight_smile:

Ben, Ben, Ben…where have you been? No one needs this gimmicks, these logos its all crap. People just want a no frills inspection. Keep the logos and all the crap…nothing but gimmicks…

Everybody knows it’s all about doing a good thorough home inspection.

Stop trying to turn this into a business. This is a field for people who like to own their job :slight_smile:

As I see on your website at that certifications and logos are quite important.
By the way, your mold and home inspector certifications that you display on your Qualifications page are actually expired certificates.

State of Florida licensed Home Inspector

State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector

Gimmicks, I tell ya.

Not a single NACHI logo on there, now is there?

No. That’s a good thing. I don’t recommend putting your InterNACHI logo on your website. CMI yes. CPI yes.

I disagree. It’s a good thing to be a great home inspector. But the owner of the company must operate a business successfully to keep employing/hiring great inspectors.

I know…haven’t really gotten around to changing them…Maybe one day.

But then again, why change them? I lost 5 jobs today!

Why did you lose 5 jobs today?

Thats CRAP…Multi inspector firms are the DEVIL of the industry! Ask anyone here.


Can’t get to them in the 15 day time period. SO we just pass them on.

WOW…ya got me! I have expired licenses on my website! They don’t matter only the actual ones do.

Chris some of us actually run a busy company and don’t go have time to go through their website.

I may or may not get around to changing it…who knows?

But here is a fun fact for you Chris…my company has inspected over $3,000,000,000,000 worth or Real estate…yep, that 3 TRILLION dollars…

So, the expired license is really no big thing…

Not sure what you’re talking about. Most inspectors are the owners of their own company. And not only do they have to be a great inspector, but they have to keep in mind that they are also the owner. Most inspectors spend time learning the technical aspects of performing an inspection, but don’t take the time learning how to run a successful business.

1/3 of all inspectors fail in their business in the first year. Not only can’t they hire inspectors, but they can’t even “hire” themselves.

That’s one of the reason why we just released a new course about running a successful business.

So, you provide leads to other inspectors, “friendly competitors.” Yes? That’s great.

Ben, I love ya and I am just messing with you. You are 100% correct and I have never seen a more helpful guy than yourself. A true industry leader and I modeled my report after yours.

Great guy in all you do…

Once again, I was just playing around. No offense

Russell claims:

Uh, no. Using very round numbers: If you were in business 10 years, you’d have had to inspect $3 trillion / 10 = $300 billion worth of real estate per year for 10 years. If your average house inspected price was $1 million dollars, you’d have had to inspect $300 billion / $1 million = 300,000 homes a year! You’re off by a factor of 1,000… so I think you meant $3 billion, not trillion.

No I meant trillion…not billion.

One house alone was $47,000,000, five of them for around $25,000,000 and those are just the big ones…hell right there in 6 days is about 17% of a Billion…

Hell yesterday was a total of 4.2 million dollars in houses…that is a typical day in Naples.

Besides my company was incorporated in 1985…