Becomes an inspector in May of this year, now has 6 employees.

It was great meeting member Ken Wild of Florida Central Home Inspections yesterday. He moved to Florida in February, got grandfathered through InterNACHI, opened his inspection business in May, and now has 6 inspectors working for him.

All of his employees are InterNACHI members.

Those employees must be getting rich. :roll:
Not much to go around with numbers like that.

Inspection Pricing updated: 05/01/2011

Four Point Inspection $ 75.00

Wind Mitigation Inspection $ 70.00

Roof Certification $ 50.00

Combination Inspections:

Four Point/Wind Mitigation $ 110.00

Comprehensive Home Inspection
Up to 2000 sq/ft 215.00 to 2500 sq/ft 240.00
to 3000 sq/ft 265.00 to 4000 sq/ft 290.00

I guess Volume is the motto to keep money flowing, one surely cannot make money with prices like this, really incredible.

There is no possible mathematical equation available to relate the cost of being self employed with employees utilizing these numbers and make a profit inspecting homes according to the standards of practice after performing a comprehensive inspection and writing a report.

Dale I guess we were both typing the same thing at the same time 2:01pm :slight_smile:

Hard to believe anyone is inspecting homes at these prices. It may take some time, but one cannot stay in business using this price structure.

I suppose you could just do a poor report style and get in and out with court suits part of your business model.

Now performing Psychic Inspections.
My motto: “Don’t call me, I’ll call you”.

He’s gettin’ a piece of all his inspector’s inspections, every day. Adding it up doesn’t take a calculator.

That is why you should work “only” for yourself.

Never understand how people have zero ambition but many are happy to just survive and do less I suppose.



Damn Caps.

He’s still a low-baller, which helps drive prices down in his market area.

I’m sure that doesn’t reflect well with other Nachi/Florida inspectors.

Based upon some of your prior posts, we thought you already did! Oh, that’s right, we jumped your arse about that a year or so ago, and you listened! (We think). :p:twisted::mrgreen:

Even so, at one an hour, that’s still triple what McDonalds pays. Hell of a pay raise!!

I still do insurance inspections relatively competitive. I never have been cheap on home inspections. $350 at the cheapest. I may have to lower insurance inspections again because of competition like this.

Wow…raise those prices please

350 the cheapest??? Im seeing under 3bills on this list? What gives?

OOPs…didnt copy the right list but 290 for 4000 sq/ft is dirt *** cheap

Is he hiring? :twisted: (j/k)
6 employees already, very ambitious… :stuck_out_tongue:
His pricing is amazing, I should send him all my potential clients!
My potential clients will save on their home inspection! :roll:
My guess they (Inspection company) charge for their combined (6) experience in this industry. :mrgreen:

I’m just grateful he does operate in my area, I wish them the best & congratulate them on their current success.

Those are not my prices :slight_smile: I just copied them for you all to see.

he can have the 80% who will hire him. I’ll stick with the 20% who won’t (at least after they talk to me). Sounds like you like his business model, Nick.

But does he have a trailer for his employees to poop in??