**New Inspection Hang Tags**

Introducing new inspection hang tags!

Help your clients identify their emergency shutoff valves with a beautifully designed hang tag. This tag identifies the gas, water, and electrical shutoffs, with room to write in additional options. The reverse side of the card leaves space for the inspector’s contact information – keeping your business information in front of your clients for years to come!

These hang tags are available in packs of 50 here:

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No offense but, I know you can do MUCH better!!..

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Hey, Jeffrey!

I am grateful for your faith in our design team. For this, we think less is more :slight_smile:

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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You want to have a business card area on them, like InterNACHI’s. Their purpose is to market your inspection company.

Also, you don’t want a separate one for each valve. InterNACHI’s allows you to stock one version and use the check boxes. One product and done.

InterNACHI’s is a way better design. Not even close.

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The price is right, Especially for us newbies. I don’t see this on anyones reports so it could set us apart from other inspectors…

You’re entitled to your opinion, just like me, mine!
I’ll take ‘professional’ over “simple and cheap” anyday!

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Prove me wrong.
Make a second, more premium design, and let inspector sales decide.

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Ohh… sarcasm from the design team. Spicy :fire:


Do you mean one without a place to market your inspection business, that has a bunch of different versions you have to stock and a hundred little stickers? In the words of Jackie Gleason… “We ain’t got time fo dat shiat.” And neither do inspectors.

Trust me, I got his point…

(…which I chose to ignore by way of giving him the benefit of doubt)! :wink:

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Exactly my point with your design from an inspectors point of view!
Are your cards ‘slit’ to easily insert a biz card?
Do you include a Sharpie and Zip ties with every order??

So i get where Nick is coming from. I think this is a great start! I understand the reason for the generic design, however I do agree it could be a tad better. The check mark areas could be better designed, the boxes could be complete boxes rather than bleedover the edge, the ellipsis/periods could be centered and not bleed into the complete edges. The border around the “main shutoff” and the front of the badge could mimic each other. This seems to me like a first draft. Albeit I’m not a graphic designer, so what do I know? I did work in the tech industry for well over a decade and worked with some of the top graphic designers in the country, but I wasn’t a graphic designer and sometimes they see something that we don’t quite see. Also seeing this in print may read much different than online, which is a very real posibility. Good work.

What material are they made out of? I don’t see it listed.

That would be my concern as well. Gas main shut off valves are usually outside.

I’m lost here. We are suppose to place these in the home we are inspecting?

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I’ve been waiting for someone to point this out. I will not be hanging advertisements around a seller’s home like Christmas ornaments. My goal is to leave it like I found it.


Ditto for me. I already show the client where these things are at in my report.


I am a guest in the seller’s home or business. I don’t leave my cards hidden on valves and breakers in closets and attics and garages. That is poor form.

If I leave anything at all, it is a card on the kitchen counter for the seller thanking them for the time in their home and an invitation to hire me for their next home purchase.

That’s just my opinion, and I respect your various viewpoints.


I like the idea of leave behind letters, but I have never done it.
I have a feeling most home owners don’t like me after the inspection. :wink:

Although, I have had a few sellers call me for their own homes. (Its a love/ hate relationship, or should I say hate, then love)


Consider this…
Homeowners likely feel ‘violated’ having a stranger rummage through their home and belongings.
Leaving them a letter/card thanking them, is a form of handshake that helps calm their nerves.
Acknowledging them in their situation can only be a positive, even if they eventually get pissy at what the inspector discovered about their home. It’s kinda difficult being mad at someone you like!