Water/ Gas valve identifying tags?

I was thinking about getting custom tags to identify water and gas valves with my company info on them. Does anyone else do this and if so where can I order some? And also would this be a liability?

Yes I had some made up, the clients love having the water main and hose bib cut offs, etc. labeled.

Is there a liability?
Existing is a liability.

If you have them made, use them to promote annual inspections: "Is it time for your annual inspection? Call… "

Our marketing department can make them for you: www.marketing.nachi.org

I ordered these and put my labels on them.

My business card.

Where did you order them from? I want to start tagging these items during the inspections I do…


I believe Avery makes them. Part nos 22802 “identification tags w/ strings” Ditch the strings and use zip ties.

A similar product is Avery Door Hangers w/ tear away cards Nos. 16150.

Print them with your ink jet and save big time!

Do you ask the seller? If your client does not buy the house, does the seller want your information in their house?

If the house is inspected a few times, how many tags will there be on the shut off valves?

Exactly, If I came home and found these all over my house I would consider it as unwanted graffiti! No way would I ‘tag’ someones home.
The only thing I leave behind after an inspection is my business card on the table.

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