New Inspector Looking for Mentor - South Florida, Miami

Hello all,
I recently passed my state exam and acquired my license through the State of Florida. Though I do have all the knowledge from my hours of courses and additional resources from the NACHI website, I am lacking some hands-on field experience. I am looking for a mentor who would allow me to shadow them for a short period of time. I already acquired my own GL and EO as well. If you are available please reply here or email me at so that I can provide you with my resume. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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You might try contacting inspectors 50 or so miles away. Many do not want to train their competition. :smile:

“Though I do have all the knowledge from my hours of courses and additional resources from the NACHI website”

I imagine there isn’t a home inspector in the world that wishes that is what they have.

Great balls of fire kudos to you sir for your singular accomplishment!

Wow, aren’t you a bundle of encouragement.

To paraphrase something I read:
An Extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.

You should check out the House of HorrorsII at Prolab in Westin FL. All kinds of inspectors going through there.

But to tear down someone who is excited about starting a new career and asking for assistance from a more experienced person is just wrong.

Dayron, don’t let anyone discourage you from asking what you don’t know. Research questions privately before asking so you have that basic knowledge. Then ask on here and Facebook groups for their take on the issue. BOTTOM LINE: research an issue hard first… then ask! You’ll see things on here and Facebook groups that you won’t see in 10 years! That is more education than anything and collaboration with willing teachers is very valuable.

Keep asking for that mentor… I had one good one take me along and I learned a lot on techniques more than specifics about systems and it helped me speed my inspection a good bit.

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Larry, thank you for your feedback. I will try and widen my range. I understand that some may be concerned about training me to later become a competitor, but I’m sure there is enough work throughout the local areas to go around. Heck, for my sake, I hope there is sufficient work available to go around given that I want to be part of the trade.

Thank you once again, I appreciate your time.

Dave, that is an excellent idea! Thank you very much! I noticed there are some dates coming up early next year. I will definitely be checking those out. Much appreciated!

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Robert, I truly appreciate your support and motivation. I payed no attention to that John’s comment. It’s unfortunate that he feels he has to discourage new talent from entering the industry in order to maintain high workload. I hope he treats his customers better than he treats his counterparts here on this Forum.

It’s individuals like yourself that make this Forum worth while and an excellent place to bounce ideas back and forth.

You are 100% right about the research. I have taken to YouTube to watch all the NACHI videos and also read the local code to understand specs better.

I appreciate you for your support. My best regards, Dayron.


Dear Mr.John,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate your compliment in regards to my fiery male body part.
In order to validate that compliment for you, I wanted to share some more of my “singular accomplishments” with you. At the age of 23 I had a BS in Electrical Engineering at 25 I acquired my MS in Engineering Management. At 26 I passed my E.I.T/FE exam on the first try. Now at 27 (and with 8 years of field engineering experience under my belt) I acquired my HI License. Next year at age 28 in April I will be acquiring my Professional Engineering (PE) license followed by my EC and GC and the near future. Thank you for your interest in my “singular accomplishments”.

Once again thank you for your compliment. My best regards.

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LOL excellent response Dayron. An engineering background will help immensely with home inspecting, it is not the knowledge per se, but the approach. You will still lack experience, but thorough training with perceptive attention to detail goes a long, long way. Lots of acronyms there, don’t know what they relate to. Your numbers do not add up, 8 years of field experience? means either that you started when you were 10, or you were doing field engineering 8 hours at night since 19, while going to college full time. I only have a measly 2 year electronic engineering education, not due to a lack of capacity, but due to a disinterest in that particular field. 20 years of practical construction experience helps a little bit :grin:

You will, I think, like inspecting as a profession. I do believe you could be competition for your local fellow inspectors.

If you ever do become exceptional at home inspecting, it will be a humbling experience to know how little you know. False pride is where people stumble, and sometimes fall/fail.

Robert is a likeable person, I like him, but many/most on this MB question his knowledge base. And there are 2 Roberts! One that writes in English, and another that writes in gibberish - you will see.

Great balls of fire could, I guess, refer to sexual organs, or it could just be, as intended an exclamatory remark - Like by Jove. I have no interest in your parts, not sure why you would assume that I was complimenting your organs, or your reading of the singular into a plural descriptive.

You have one fiery ball? Just razzing you. Hopefully you will not make such assumptions with YOUR clients and their homes.

Best wishes in your all knowing endeavours! I truly admire and encourage lofty aspirations. I would hazard a guess that since you are forgoing a traditional engineering position, you might be aiming for commercial inspections.

If you were in the near area, I would gladly mentor you. I occasionally have exposure to other inspectors reports, and I am not impressed with what I have seen. Hence my attitude towards any, but especially, new inspectors. No construction background, and no drive to increase their knowledge base.:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

If what you say is true, you clearly are not that and I welcome excellence in any field. Tone down your ego and you will do much better.

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btw being an engineer is not a singular accomplishment. It is a laudable achievement, but there are literally over 10 million engineers.

best wishes Dayron

It is not a ‘tear down’ to express the realistic skepticism of someone claiming to ‘have all the knowledge’. Logically he would not be asking questions, or asking for a mentor; he would be on here answering questions, being a mentor to others or at least have that capacity. Do you see the inherent contradiction??? And how questioning his unthinking assumption is actually beneficial, instead of blindly agreeing with someone in order not to hurt their feelings?

The lack of common sense and reading ability displayed on this MB is amazing. Nobody is going to want to tutor or mentor a know it all - duh. I am very much helping him, and you are retarding his real progress.

I 100% agree with you Robert regarding finding a good mentor, it exponentially accelerates the learning a trade process. And the MB is a great addition to the courses.

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Dayron, as a new South Florida inspector myself, I called the CMIs in my area to offer to work for free. I have been blessed to find 2 great mentors that are helping me tremendously. Yes, we are already bumping heads in the market, but my impression is that there are a whole lot of work out there.

We can use your expertise on this forum, Dayron.

Thanks for participating here. :smile: