Licensed Home Inspector Looking For A Mentor

Hello Everyone
My name is Mary Jackson & I’m a new Licensed home inspector here in Florida.
I currently live in Ocala ( Marion County ) & I’m looking for a mentor. I really need to get the hands on experience so that I can be successful in this field.
If you know someone or are someone who will be willing help please leave me a response or pm.
Thank you

ROY… Roy is a good and fun guy. I know he is up there somewhere and maybe NOT to close . Good Luck.:smiley:

Gee… how many Roy’s do you suppose live in Florida?

ROY knows who he is and will likely answer :slight_smile:


If Mary would like to reach out to him it is Roy Lewis. I figured if he were interested he would contact her but I’ll do it your way.

Hope you do not mind ROY :slight_smile:

Thank you

I am not too close but feel free to contact me anytime 321-6two6-8153

Contact me at